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Fix Tumble Dryers

My Hoover Vision HD condener Tumble dryer won't operate.?

When the dryer is switched any setting on it runs for around 10-15 seconds then all LEDs flash and the dryer stops

Paul Williams | Great Britain (UK) | December 2009

In the current extreme weather conditions we have found that certain tumble dryers will sometimes not work in low ambient temperatures. This will affect products located in a garage or outhouses etc when ambient temperatures are very low. The effect is that the dryer will start and then cut out after 20 seconds. If this problem occurs take the following action. SWITCH OFF THE TUMBLE DRYER and stand a small bowl of hot (not boiling) water inside the tumble dryer drum for 2 minutes then remove the bowl of water. Now switch on the tumble dryer which should now function normally.

matthew | Great Britain (UK) | January 2010

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My Hoover Vision HD condener Tumble dryer won't operate.?

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Tumble Dryers

Fix Tumble Dryers

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