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How can I fix my Citroen C3 Remote Central Locking?

I've recently bought a 52 plate Citroen C3 1.4 and the remote central locking is dodgy to say the least. When you first approach the car, the remote will not open the car. The front driver's door needs to be opened with the key in the lock, the door opened and closed, and then the remote used to unlock all other doors! The remote then works for locking and unlocking the car unless you leave it for more than 20 minutes and it stops working again until you go through the same scenario with opening the front door.

Also, when the front door is opened, the CD player comes on - and will not go off again unless you physically turn it off by the audio system's power button, not so much a problem on long journeys but very irritating if you just go to the car to get something out - especially as if you forget, it will continue to play to itself when you've left the car for approximately 20 minutes!

Rai | Great Britain (UK) | January 2010

i have the same problem mate! couldn't believe it when a searched my problem in google and then read this to see its the exact same problem as me!

find any solutions?

crawford quinn | Great Britain (UK) | January 2010

Nope, not found anything yet - think the whole thing might need reprogrammed, but I've a friend who knows someone at a Citroen dealer so she's gonna try to find out for me - I'll come back on here if I find out n let ye know!

Rai | Great Britain (UK) | January 2010

Try this:
1. Sit in the car with ALL the accessories turned off (radio, lights etc.) Make sure the doors are shut.
2. Have all the remote keys with you, not on the same key ring. Turn on the ignition with the remote key and hold down the LOCK button on the remote for about 10 seconds. If you have more than one remote key, remove the one you have just done and insert the next one and turn the ignition on and do the same again, hold the lock button down for 10 seconds.
3. When you have done this to all the remotes, remove the key from the ignition and wait 1 minute. DO NOT switch anything on inside the car and DO NOT open any door, especially the drivers one.
4. After the minute is up, open and close the driver's door and try working the remote controls, they should all be now working. Any that aren't may be faulty or have a duff battery.

Alan | Great Britain (UK) | April 2010

Sadly I've tried that - and I've changed the batteries in both the keys then tried it again, nothing happens.
Something needs re-set somewhere but I'm just putting up with it for now as I've been informed that getting the central locking system re-done will cost too much for my liking.

Thanks though.

Rai | Great Britain (UK) | April 2010

Alan - I love you - this happened tonight to my Citroen C3 and your "fix" worked a treat. Have a virtual pint on me!!

Mel | Great Britain (UK) | April 2010

Mine's fixed now - went to the car the other day, and not a thing would work, got a new battery and while it was in the garage the fella changed two wires around and now the central locking works perfectly and the cd player no longer comes on when I open the door. However, the cd player doesn't come on when I start the engine either - have to turn it on myself and still need to turn it off myself or it keeps playing for 2 minutes after I leave the car, and if I do leave it, it then comes on as soon as I unlock the door with the remote!

Rai | Great Britain (UK) | April 2010

Ive just bought a berlingo multispace 2002. When i now lock the doors with the key,only the drivers door locks,any ideas please

John | Great Britain (UK) | November 2010

Many thanks to Alan | Great Britain (UK)

It worked on my car. You are supper AAAAAA...

Saeed | Great Britain (UK) | February 2011

my key fob wont work , have changed the batterey no joy, i can start the car ok
do i need a new fob help

dawn | United States | June 2011

Make sure that there is a brand new battery in the key fob and check that the fuse for the central locking has not blown . Get in the car with all the doors and boot closed. Turn on the ignition without starting the engine and with the ignition switched on hold down one of the buttons on the remote for about 10 seconds. Try the remote now from outside the car and if it still doesn't work then it becomes problematic and might need an auto electrician's expertise. It is quite tiresome having to lock and unlock the doors manually as these cars are designed to be used exclusivlely with the remote.

alan | United States | April 2012

how do i disconnect the central locking?

Lee | Germany | June 2012

same problem my key dosent work even with a new batery, cant get into my car using the fob the key dosent open the door it just turns round full curcal so has any one got a way i can get into my car

David Kemsley | Great Britain (UK) | January 2013

Thanks that tht worked for my son tonight. Another virtual pint to you x

Jane | Great Britain (UK) | March 2013

hi my cd player wont come on so was thinking of getting a new one. has anyone had a problem with 05 or newer? cause what im reading is making me not wanna get a new one lol thanks

james | Great Britain (UK) | March 2013

Can anyone help with this; C3 Plural 2003 the car is locked and won't open with key fob or open using key in the door. Gained access to batterywhich appears charged (according to mechanic). Any ideas how to get into a locked C3 please?

Jacqueline | Great Britain (UK) | August 2013

done all the above, even changed the central locking in all the doors and even changed the steering colome, at my wits now

robert herbert | United States | August 2013

Thanks Alan! Just got my key working again using your tip.

Alison from Birmingham | Great Britain (UK) | October 2014

Crush it..... or try this fix reset bsi unit
open drivers window and pop bonnet
ensure all doors are closed and remove keys fom ignition
wait 3 mins then disconnect battery and wait 15 seconds
reconnect battery and wait 10 seconds, don't open any doors
switch on side lights through the drivers window
switch on the ignition and hold the lock button down on the key fob for 10 seconds
remove key and open and close central locking system
start the engine to complete the test.

Good luck this test worked on my daughter's c3

sirstanley | United Kingdom | January 2015

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