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hotpoint aqualtis aqxxl129pi, help needed?

I have a problem with my washing machine it`s a Hotpoint Aqualtis AQXXL129PI, it starts off fine completing the first part of the washing programme but then it stops with the on/off light and all the programme lights flashing.
Any ideas on this appreciated.


Allan | Great Britain (UK) | January 2010

Have you checked the filter at the bottom of the machine behind the kick panel? I had the same problem and it was stuff stuck in the filter.

Anita | Great Britain (UK) | February 2010

We have the same problem except cannot undo the filter- call me blonde but I have had the washing machine 3 years and never knew the filter was there.

I am gonna call my dad round to try and fix it. He will know what to do!

Good Luck

fifi_tipsy | Great Britain (UK) | February 2010

ours had same problem thanks to you all working now

terry | Great Britain (UK) | April 2010

i av water coming out my machine

rachel | Great Britain (UK) | May 2010


jusr fixed mine, it had the flashing lights going on, I eventually found a sock stuck in the drain pipe, this was causing the drain pump to labour and display the warning.

fine now!!

Mark Snare | Great Britain (UK) | August 2010

Same process seems to have sorted my machine out

George | Great Britain (UK) | August 2010

hi we have had same problem just emptied filter and touch wood so far so good thanks

nikki uk nov 2010 | Great Britain (UK) | November 2010

i did the same, found 10p!!! so not only is the machine working fine now i'm 10p richer lol

mark prowle | Great Britain (UK) | January 2011

We have the error code about a blocked machine (although if I run a quick wash while it's empty it runs ok). We have tried taking out the filter at the front behind the kick plate, but it only turns anti-clockwise a quarter of a turn then stops and you can't pull it out.

Is there a secret tip to removing the filter?

Jo | Great Britain (UK) | January 2011

keep turning, use a flat base pliers to grab with, it is a screw in cap, pretty rigid to be water proof

eugene | Canada | March 2011

Oh I had the same problem with flashing lights, at first I could not open the Filter. I tilted the machine back against the wall and allowed all the water in the machine to expel into a basin. Then opened the door (if locked use yellow tab behind kicked panel to open)Then Opened the tube going to the filter (you will need a pliers to do this) and cleaned from this side. Then opened it from the front. Got a hair clip and 20 cent. All Fine now. Some sites say it is the main circuit board. Glad I tried this first.

Eugene | Canada | March 2011

Thank you so much for this fix. I was on the verge of buying a new machine after putting up with the blinking lights for three days. Retrieved two 20 pences, 2 cotton buds and some fluff. Can't remember the last time the machine sounded so good.

Karen | Great Britain (UK) | July 2011

start and pause button flashing

george | Great Britain (UK) | November 2011

hotpoint aqualtis AQXXL129PI wont turn on?

Kevin | Great Britain (UK) | April 2012

me machine fooked

alex | Great Britain (UK) | September 2012

got me cock stuck in door - help!

alex | Great Britain (UK) | September 2012

Brilliant! Thank you very much people, cleaned filter and working again....phew

nik | Great Britain (UK) | September 2012

I have the same problem with my AQXXL129PI - all 5 lights in the semi circle display are flashing, as well as the on/off button. After pressing start, it takes only a few seconds for the lights to flash, and the machine to start trying to drain water, rather than fill with water. I emptied the filter at front (which stank!), and a few bits fell out, but the same thing is happening, and it sounds worse - it's rattling a lot. I've turned it off and the plug and on again a few times, nothing changes. Help!

Anna | Great Britain (UK) | September 2012

to free your cock stop the washer from taking skin of it

shirley rankin | United States | October 2012

On Off switch does not turn on any lights on front door.
I have 230v coming into the washing machine, so plug and cable are okay.
Are there any internal fuses or where is the most likley source for voltage being stopped from getting to switch. Wiring all looks okay so no broken wires.

BRIAN W | Great Britain (UK) | March 2013

Thank you it worked a treat I had called it a loss n was getting new now my washing going round like a dream

Maireadcracker | Great Britain (UK) | July 2013

Washing machine dosent seem to be getting any water into it lights are all flashing door lock light is on washing is stuck insidemachine can u sugest anything please want me cloths and fhildrens cloths out

glynda crosswell | Great Britain (UK) | October 2013

Washing machine dosent seem to be getting any water into it lights are all flashing door lock light is on washing is stuck insidemachine can u sugest anything please want me cloths and fhildrens cloths out

glynda crosswell | Great Britain (UK) | October 2013

We have a hotpoint aqxxl 129 pi washing machine and the fabric softener does not go into the rinse we have cleaned the soap and fabric draw but still problem is still there

Johnharvey65 | Great Britain (UK) | December 2013

We had all the flashing lights on our Hotpoint AQXXL129 and the machine wouldn't respond when we tried to spin the load. We cleared the fault by unscrewing the filter and removing, 6 x hair grips and 1 x 2p. Clearly the objects were clogging a mechanism inside the machine.

Tony | Great Britain (UK) | July 2014

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hotpoint aqualtis aqxxl129pi, help needed?

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