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Categories > Sound & Vision > Televisions > Questions
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There are 300 questions in this category,

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Fix Televisions

YouView box making picture purple?
My Human YouView box has suddenly started making a purple picture when...

RB | United States | July 2015

How to fix this item?
I have a hitachi lcd projector TV . When I turn it on the blue light f...

Mark | Australia | June 2015

lcd26761hdf power problems?
my alba lcd2761hdf tv keeps getting stuck on standby and has now switc...

Lolly 123 | United Kingdom

Model 32/68g-gb-18-tcdu-uk?
How can I fix my jmb 32"TV DVD combo,stuck on standby will not power u...

Tele savalas | United Kingdom

stand by flash light problem?
when stand by light is on but no picture in the TV screen...

yonas bekele | Ethiopia

How can i fix my jmb tv dvd combi model no jw32z68btcdug530?
It turn on and has sound when i put in dvd,but no picture....

janine deeley | Germany

acoustic television lcd 37761f108p?
set dead had new power supply stilldead any idealswhich panel to check...

gerald | United States

i have no sound on my dvd it is an alba tv dvd combi?
i have a dvd lcd combi tv but sound is not working when i use my dvd p...

Roberta neill | Great Britain (UK)

How do I get the picture back on 4:3?
The picture is too big for the screen & it chops the top of people's h...

William Spittle | Great Britain (UK)

how can i fix a bit error on my samsung tv?
i have been told it is rececption probelms the signal is strong...

ken | Great Britain (UK)

Ferguson tv/DVD?
The screen on my tv has no colour when playing DVDs?...

Lisa | United States

Picture from Apple TV2 flashes on screen, but mostly black?
I cannot get a picture from my Apple TV2. When I turn it on the screen...

Daniel | Great Britain (UK)

Logik log37lw782?
My tv is showing a silver sneer on people's skin Is this possible to ...

Andrew Pattison uk | Great Britain (UK)

mikomi ctv14440?
my tv sound and picture are whie ,but same of station are not sounding...

michael onsey | Ghana

my toshiba 32inch tv has gone dead?
I have a Toshiba 32vBulletin502b and it has gone dead. . Hhelp... | Great Britain (UK)

Hitachi 46" lcd full hd tv L46VN05U fault?
The picture on my tv goes a minute after I switch the set on.The scree...

DayPlat | Great Britain (UK)

can i get help repairing my tv?
i have hitachi 32ld30u, i lost the remote and recently it has failed t...

Tony | Great Britain (UK)

Sound keeps going off on certain channels?
Hi - I recently bought a second hand tv, less than a year old - hitach...

Lynne. | Great Britain (UK)

how can i fix this problem?
I have a vizio 42" tv but the tv turns on but theres no pic and sound ...

adrian | Cuba

model LCD15796F... no signal?
can you tell me is my old tv a digital tv I have had it for a fw years...

Sheila White | Canada

3D TV: What to Look For???
3D TV: What to Look For...

abel | Cuba

White lines on the top of my T.V. screen?
I have a 25" Model #DS25390 SDTV Sanyo tv with white lines going acros...

david | Cuba

My TV wont turn of, its just static?
I Pressed the power button, unplugged it, and i even turned of the pow...

lego | Cuba

Why do I have horizontal white lines going across my tv scre?
I have a Samsung 32" CRT HDTV. It is pretty new, and I bought it new. ...

elan | Cuba

how can I fix my alba lcd32947hd?
My 32 alba tv is constantly flashing red standy, there has been no oth...

keyl | Great Britain (UK)

goodmans lcd tv wont power up?
i cannot get power to goodmans lcd tv lp2667d2.can anyone help....

richard | United States

picture overfills screen?
my 15" tv overfills the screen resulting in not being able to read tex...

ray | Great Britain (UK)

How fix can I fix my tv?
how to fix your acoustic solutions lcd32761hdf tv it's turning off eve...

kacper | Ireland

how can i fix my television it is lcd26761hdf model?
ive had my television for few years its been fine but the blue standby...

nicola temple | Germany

My acoustic sloutions 32 lcd?
when I trun my tv on in the morning lines always appear over the scree...

David | Great Britain (UK)

Flashing red n green light. Won't react to control?
Flashing red n green light. Won't react to control. Disconnected from ...

Alastair Munro | Canada

Sainsbury red 37inch LCD standby fault code?
Hi I have the above model tv and the standby light flashes once has a...

Dave | Great Britain (UK)

How can I fix my matsui tv?
My matsui tv went off one day and when switched back worked for a whil...

John | Great Britain (UK)

DVD won't load on TV/DVD combo?
I have a 15" Bush TV/DVD combo. When I try to load a DVD it doesn't do...

Mark | Great Britain (UK)

my tv wont turn on from standby?
it is a bush tv and it wont turn on from standby have tried unpluggin ...

kane | Great Britain (UK)

My Samsung tv keeps going off and back on again?
How can fix my tv,Samsung sp-50l7hx...

Robert | United States

how can i fix my acoustic solution astv 36192c-id?
my tv has sound bit no picture..what can i do to fix this????...

duane wells | Great Britain (UK)

how can i fix my lg50pc1da-ec?
block coulor running vertically but sound ok please help...

stuart russell | Great Britain (UK)

My tv is flashing red but won't turn on?
My jmb tv won't turn on the standby button is blinking but that's it...

Lara's | Great Britain (UK)

my sanyo t.v is flashing blue,green and red?
my sanyo t.v is flashing blue red and green. when i turn it on there i...

stacey | United States

no sound on playstation?
no sound when i play a game on jmb tv...

gary | Great Britain (UK)

hitachi combi tv?
its just started playing dvds in black and white...

kim | Great Britain (UK)

lg 5010 screen gone cloudy?
my screen has gone cloudy i can not alter settings...

billy | Great Britain (UK)

how can i fix my baird tv?
my 40 inch led tv wont power up can you help please...

kenny | Great Britain (UK)

lc-26d44e-bk sharp aquos?
sharp aquos goes back onto stand by after 5 sec on green no vid or aud...

dooy newcastle | Great Britain (UK)

Hitachi LCD tv model L32hp03u?
Stand by flashing red to blue...

Derek | Great Britain (UK)

how do i put up a 42"flatscreen up on a stud wall.?
hello there can anyone help me please.i have got a 42"flatscreen tv,bu...

davey boy (triplet trio) | Great Britain (UK)

how can i get my tv to switch on?
lg37lc46 does not turn on with remote control, i've unplugged and plug...

dave | Great Britain (UK)

hitachi 32ld30ub tv?
ppower button keeps flashing red/green and tv wont turn on...

joe | Great Britain (UK)

hitachi lcd 32tv white screen?
was working fine .went in kitchen to put kettle on came back to find w...

graham cooper | Great Britain (UK)

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