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Categories > Appliances > Washing Machines > Questions
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There are 2059 questions in this category,
Washing Machines.

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Fix Washing Machines

hotpoint wf321 all the lights are flashing?
I have cleaned the filter as per hotpont manual and now all the indica...

chris | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

samsung washing machine p1253s?
When the macine tries to spin, sometimes it will go one way and not th...

anivid | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

how can i fix my hoover washing machine?
when i put a wash on it washes for about 5 mins the stops and the star...

carol | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

error code f-03 can you help. w/machine hotpoint?
heard crunching noises from machine, then error code f-03 flashing on ...

miss dorkings | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

test error on my machine hotpoint ultima washing machine?
my hotpoint ultima washing machine is displaying test fault error and ...

thelma chirenda | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

where can i get a new part?
I need a new rubber seal for my zanussi zwf 1437w - can anyone help?...

Nicola Holmes | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

Have AEG lavamat51635 wheres the heater element located?
AEG lavamat 51635 heater does not work. Fuse blew and when replaced th...

paul s | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

my beko washing machine?
my beko washing machine stopped druing a wash i have taken the washing...

beth | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

hoover ultracare. whats the prob? cost to fix?
Please help, just come home from having baby at hospital, put first wa...

julie bowler | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

Roper Washing Machine model # RTW4000sW0 leaks badly?
Roper Washing Machine model # RTW4000sW0 leaks into tub? My washing...

Bob | Guyana | November 2009

Hotpoint Aquarius 541 won't complete a wash cycle?
Our machine was set on Pogramme 6 - non colour fast 40 degrees C, abou...

Stuart J Hepton | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

insrtuction manual?
does anyone have instruction manual for zannussi jet system exel turb...

Andy J | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

electronic display flickers on/off during fast spin.?
electronic display flickers on/off during fast spin. the motor brusher...

peter | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

should a wixe127 fill up with water on a test wash?
Should my WIXE127 fill up with water on a test wash. And why can i sta...

nikki | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

How can I fix my Hotpoint WT540?
My wasshing machine keeps all the lights flashing? I've tried switchin...

David | Europe | November 2009

hotpoint wma36 where is the filter on it?
The machine starts to smell when stoud still for a while with a wet lo...

Iain.p | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

what can i try?
wont start power light comes on but wont lock or start...

julian | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

AEG Lavamat doesn't spin?
The washer will go through the wash cycle, the drum appears to rotate ...

Zigcoors | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

my washing machine is flashing f3 cud u tell me wat this is as ive cle...

louise conway | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

fault with Hotpoint Aquarious Extra model wma36?
How can I check if my washing machine is taking in the correct ammount...

John jo | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

where is the filter of a Bosch wf2001?
where is the filter and how easy is it to clean?...

sue | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

wfo2865 not finishing spin cycle?
i have a bosch wfo2865uk/01 washing machine that starts spin cycle, bu...

Graeme | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

lights flashing on Hotpoint Aquarius washer?
all the lights of the front programme selection panel of the washing m...

maggie | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

H-20 error evolution 1600 washing machine?
How do you instal a water level sensor or fix it...

Angela | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

Roper Washing Machine model # RTW4000sW0 leaks into tub?
My washing machine leaks water into the tub when not on. During variou...

Bob | Guyana | November 2009

Bosch classixx 1200 not using conditioner?
My three year old washing machine has stopped using the conditioner, i...

Emma | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

what does fault code f 08 mean on a whirlpool washing machin?
what does fault code f 08 mean on a whirlpool front loading washing ma...

tony | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

servis M6856 washing machine?
It won't reset and seems to not be washing on the correct programme...

Jo | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

How can i fix my hotpoint wt741?
The display shows TEST and will not turn off by holding in the cancel ...

Andy | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

how do i fix error f-01 on hotpoint ultima wt741?
coulld sumone please tell wat the error code means and if it is expens...

m gavin | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

fix my Fisher and Paykel washing machine? washing machine just keeps filling...until it overflows....

Malcolm | Australia | November 2009

miele w 1613 washing machine with fault code?
have a miele washing machine w 1613 has a fault code on it f63 & beeps...

chrissy | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

how do i empty the pump?
where is the pump on the hotpoint aquarius+ ? it's a wt740...

katy | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

Hoover Nextra Fuse?
Can anyone tell me where the fuse is located...

Dave Haigh | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

how to open door on hotpoint wd440?
my hotpoint wd440 door handle has broken, how do i open the door to re...

Kitfar | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

why won't my programme start?
im trying to start the the programme on my washing machine and it won'...

julie | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

LG wm-12336FD never gets to the end?
My LG wm-12336FD gets to 9 mins left of the timer (when on 1200rpm spi...

Dave Silkstone | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

what does the codes/lights mean?
Hi, my Indesit WIL133 washing machine is flashing 2 lights. One is (fr...

Bro Ken Mac Hine | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

noisy on spin hotpoint wf440 1400 spin?
my machine has become very loud on spin off...

tont t | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

How can I fix my AEG Lavamat 10500 VI?
I replaced outlet pipe on my AEG and had to tip machine on side but no...

Andy | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

how do I replace a door on my hotpoint aqualtis AQXXF149PM?
Hi there. How do I replace my door on my Hotpoint Aqualtis AQXXF149PM...

Paul | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

Door locked?
LG Washing machine 5kg. Model WD-80291NP The door is locked/jam is not...

Moazzam Bashir | United Arab Emirates | November 2009

The door is locked.?
How can I fix my Washing machine 5kg Model WD30291NP the door is locke...

Moazzam Bashir | United Arab Emirates | November 2009

how to fix?
my samsung p1253 wont spin gets stuck on 9 mins...

lisa | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

How to fix Hotpoint Aqualtis AQXXF 149 PM Error Code F-01?
My Aqualtis (AQXXF 149 PM) had the door lock light on when the machine...

Morag | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

how can i fix my bosch logixx8?
the machine is not washing and it indicates that the water in the base...

bernard | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

problem with hotpoint aquarius?
the water is going into the machine then going straight out of the was...

derek pettit | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

how to fix indesit washer dryer?
program timer sticks on cycle and then will not stop turning, also the...

andrew | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

how to remove door boot hotpoint wt960?
how to remove door boot hotpoint wt960...

danny | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

Cycle stops and it goes into delay start?
When washing on a cycle my Hovver HNL 7146 goes into fault when its st...

Paul Ellis | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

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