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Ariston microgenus HE error A77?

My boiler is breaking down with error A77. Says it's water in the condensate trap but there is none !!!
Would appreciate some help.

Jim Reynolds | September 2009

Would love to know the answer. Mine is the same. Is it because my kitchen is cold and damp?

jimmy | November 2009

I have the exact same problem. It won't reset when I press the Reset button straight away. After an hour or so it allows me to reset.

The boiler's been checked out and I'm informed is in good shape. There is water in our gas pipes though. The whole street has the same problem. That's what is causing it. A team from British Gas have dug up our entire street and are on the case at the moment.

Stephen Alexander | December 2009

Anyway, the guys outside fixed our problem of water in the gas pipes by re routing the pipe system. Now, A77 still came up for the last few days! Then, bang! The little whiet and blue condenser box under the boiler got way too hot and started making a horrible noise. I am freezing to death right now but a British Gas plumber is coming out tomorrow morning! The condensate system "is" the reason for the problem! Fix the condesnate system up good and no more A77s!

Stephen John Alexander | December 2009

i got an a77 coming on the boiler i did clean the trap with was full of dirt but still nt coming on ,and even the condensate pipe is blocked

mike | October 2011

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Ariston microgenus HE error A77?

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