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stuck vcr tape?

how dow i get a tape out of the vcr

scott | April 2010

hopefully this should help you scott.ive done this a few times myself.but please be very careful.make sure the machine is unplugged from the mains supply first then undo the screws on the case hopefully you should only need to undo two screws on either side and two or three on the back.once you have the top cover off your video recorder you should be able to gain access to your tape.what more than likely has happened is that the video tape has got fouled around either the rotary video heads the large metallic cylinder that is slightly tilted to one side.or even come partly unspooled and got jammed around one of the tape guides that feeds the tape around the heads or even around the capstan that drives the tape which should look like a thin silvered pin with a rubber roller adjacent to it.with some trial and error you should be able to find the transport motor for the tape feed.manually without any power use fingers try one way then the other whilst watching the tape feed ring spin the motor untill the tape feed ring starts to unspool the tape from around the tape heads.keep going until the mechanism releases the jammed video tape.if the machine is a front loading vcr you will have to find the tape eject motor wind this one way manually while watching to see if it starts to lift the tape upwards.when the tape starts to lift you know you are going in the right direction.keep going untill the loading motor ejects the tape all the way home as far as it will go.i hope this will be some help.please be extremely carefull though as some parts inside video recorders i.e capacitors can still hold quite a dangerous charge for quite some time. make sure someone else helps you cause it is safer to have two people around in case of electric shock.

M BEAUMONT | November 2010

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stuck vcr tape?

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