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Triton Aquatronic 2 plus - tripping main fuse?

Our Triton has worked fine for years, recently it has started to trip the main fuse after a few minutes of running. Any ideas.

Simon | June 2010

Possible causes:
1) The water heating element is corroded.
2) There is an earth leakage, normaly trips the RCD.
How to diagnose? With the electrical supply isolated, remove the cover. (Note the control knob positions for replacement! )
Look for water leakage which may cause damage.
Measure element resistances using ohms scale with a multimeter. the loading in amps (I) = V/R Calculate actual loading against design loading. If increased renew the heat exchanger unit

N Williams | June 2010

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Triton Aquatronic 2 plus - tripping main fuse?

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