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There are 41 questions in this category,
DIY General.

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Fix DIY General

new hose forgu-o1a?
how do iget a new hose for akable enterprise gu-o1a?...

ian macfarlane

what does F5 mean on a logic combi 30 boiler?
what does the number 5 and letter F mean when its flashing green on my...

serah jayne bevan

What filler can I use to repair doors?
I have non solid wood inner doors in my house. Quite a few of the door...


Can I change double glazing myself?
I have had a quote to replace 4 double glazed window panels (only the ...


my 2004 micra fog lamp?
it will turn on on the dash and light at the rear but will not stay on...

ste payne

Turbo Flush T12?
My Turbo Flush T12 works ok, but it does not turn off....


How can I pair a Velux window with the remote control?
I have three Velux windows in a our kitchen. (Fitted by previous owner...

Andrew Winchester

how do i lower the pressure gauge on a glow worm betacom 24?
The pressure gauge has gone up to 4 after trying to sort out my pilot ...


How can I remove a Euro Cylinder when I have no key?
I have moved into a house which has a UPVC door through to the conserv...


Ideal isar HE24?
Hi, my Ideal isar HE24 boiler has no power. There is power on the heat...


what does error code L9 mean on an ideal combi boiler?
I am living in a share flat and on Tuesday I had no hot water. I check...


my ferroli f24.the gas cut off after 2 second?
and show ferroli f24.the problem is gas come off .can you he...


How do you change wiper switch nissan primera p12?
Have to change wiper switch on my nissan primera p12 . Not sure how to...


draught around door?
how to stop draughts around door...


Verticle blind clicking noise?
3 of my verticle blinds make a clicking noise, becoming worse when hea...


How can I remove spinner drum?
I need to remove the spinner drum on Simpson Esprit 650 model number 2...

Bill Cottam missionary in Papua New Guinea

renault senic 1997 speedo not working?
i have changed sensor and clocks checked all conections where to look ...


car wont lock with key fob...


fob dont lock car.?
the key fob on my merc.c180 n.reg arms the alarm but dont lock doors ...


Help with Veritas R8, tamper light and zone 2(Hallway)?
Help with Veritas R8, tamper light and zone 2(Hallway)? Help with Ver...


Vokera Linea Boiler 735?
My Vokera Linea 735 boiler's pressure keeps rising up to 3 bar. It st...

David Mac

53 plate 1.4i clio?
went to start it got nothing but a rattle/banging sound and have found...

lee kay

handbrake ajusting landrover?
how do you adjust the handbrake on a landroverdiscovery...

landrover malc

How to repair leak in conservatory roof?
I have a small leak in the polycarbonate roof of my conservatory. It h...


broken double glazed door hinge?
How do i remove the hinges? any special tools ? what direction to uns...


yale hsa 2000 house alarm?
will not trigger countdown on entry zone1 (armed) door sensor ok and p...


how to mend a glass window?
how to mend a glass window pane without having to replace the glass....


can I steam clean myself?
how do I steam clean ultrasuede upholstery myself...


How can i fix my Bosch solution 880?
How do i fix an e2 fault in my bosch solution 880 home security system...


leaking asbestos roof porous?
what liquid based sealant can i buy to spray or paint onto my asbestos...

Derek Harrison

how do i fit glow plugs on fiesta courier?
i need to change my glow plugs how do i do this on a ford fiesta couri...


how to thread bobbin?
I have a jones sewing machine, model,family c.s. made in the"guide bri...


all my instruments keep shutting down eg speedomomter fuel gauge temp...

john austin

how do i remove a euro lock without a key to align the toggle to withd...


how do i change euro lock on door but have no key?
lost keys to door euro lock whitch is in open position. Removed securi...


how can I fix an anniversary clock?
sunbeam quartz four balls...


mila door lock stuck?
my front door lock needs adjusting it is sticking and wont lock or clo...


How can I repair a chip in an enamel bath?
I've dropped something heaving on my bath and it has chipped a small b...

Keith Smith

cannot open back pvc door?
the back door lock seems to work but the door willnot open...


Does anyone have a user manual?
Does anyone have a user manual for a scantronic 9930. cheers...


kitchen door makes a noise?
my kitchen door makes a squeaky noise every time we open or close the ...


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