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Categories > Garden > Lawn Mowers > Questions
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There are 100 questions in this category,
Lawn Mowers.

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Fix Lawn Mowers

macallister lawnmower?
mower makes noise and smoke coming from it...

F Hunt | United Kingdom

mountfiled 1530H will not start?
New mountfiled lawn tractor suddenly stopped. It will now not start n...

Michael Williams | United Kingdom

carburetor fault?
my sp414 starts and runs but it always starts hunting then cuts out, b...

pete | United Kingdom

oil leak on my mountfield 1540 rideon?
mountfield 1540 rideon has oil leak how can I check if oil is being th...

i j | United Kingdom

Can't start lawnmower?
I have a petrol lawnmower that will not start, take the plug out and e...

Ron | United Kingdom

lawnflite 603 ride on mower?
how can I clear the jammed grass...

wonderbar | United Kingdom

macallister tecumseh 15.0 hp?
engine not reving enough when it does it draws oil out of sump...

kev morris | United Kingdom

lawnflite lf45pbr?
Hit drain cover, engine stopped, blade mounting sheered of, will not s...

Bill | United Kingdom

How can I fix my Qualcast 1200 Electric Rotary Lawnmower?
My Qualcast Lawnmower just suddenly stopped working....

John | United Kingdom

rotary cutting blades losse one end?
I can adjust the blades relative to the base plate but the machine is ...

peter hobbs | United Kingdom

qualcast electric mower?
How can I fix my mower the blades won't turn...

p fredericks | United Kingdom

Countax c300h starting problem?
Not starting well after few days in shed hard turning over and when it...

Carl | United Kingdom

honda hrd 535 lawnmower?
new cabel to fit best way...

peter robinson | United Kingdom

Grass Catcher problems?
Hi, Strange anomale. Mower never leaves grass clippings behind until ...

Wayne Fleming | Australia

why does my lawn mower cut out?
homelite hl 454 sp will fire up but then just cuts out...

gordon south yorks | Great Britain (UK)

mower not starting?
petrol lawn mower try.s to start but no go?...

johndillion | Great Britain (UK)

Florabest blade is stuck on hard. How can I remove it?
I'm trying to replace blade on Florabest lawn mower. Instructions say...

Colin Lucas | Great Britain (UK)

rep drivebelt flymoXT45 sprint?
replace drivebelt flymoXT45 SPRINT...

charles anderson | Great Britain (UK)

how can i fix contax c300h ride on mower?
its showing either co5or cu5 on the dashboard...

darrell palmer | United States

how can i fix my flymo xt45 sprint?
the rear wheels should turn with the engine, i have tried adjusting th...

GLYNN BAYLEY | Great Britain (UK)

how can I get my Ryobi multi cutter to start?
As above,has not started now for over 12 months usual routine fails,...

pete keane | United States

Will not start Lawnflite 603?
My Lawnflite 603 will not start Turn the key and nothing happens no ...

Rudolph | Great Britain (UK)

countax dn50 has lost its drive?
my countax dn50 lawn mower has lost its drive...

pam | Great Britain (UK)

how can i fix my honda hrg465sd izy mower ?
it is getting slower and falters but then picks up,puffing out a littl...

colin hinckley | United States

how can i fix my countax mower?
I can't put my countax mower into gear - engine is running but when i ...

Judd | Great Britain (UK)

ploblem with petrol lawn mower?
starts up then dies, and wont start again...

Chrissy | Great Britain (UK)

weedwacker stalls out?
Craftsman model# 358.791170. I start engine with lever on start, let ...

Robbie Griffin | United States

how can i fix it?
i hit a tree stump and bent the blade on my petrol mower now it wont s...

peter | Bosnia and Herzegovina

starting?Snapper rear engine Mod M281019BE?
Engines starts while Brake/Clutch is pressed in all the way , Stalls o...

Jim | United States

Lawnmower Low Idle?
Mountfield self propelled 184. Got the filter clogged with oil, so i r...

Chris | Great Britain (UK)

How do I fix 14hp yardman lawn mower?
How do I fix 14hp yardman lawn mower?...

Berkley | United States

problem with my countax sit-on lawnmower - honda engine?
I have a problem with my countax sit-on lawnmower - it starts fine whe...

Stephen | Great Britain (UK)

i have a castle garden r484 lawn mower that stopped working?
The draw string only pulls out about 30cm, so i am unable to start thi...

Rhyse | Canada

petrol mower engine doesn't start?
replaced my starter pull cord briggs & stratton 35 classic,wrapped aro...

col | Great Britain (UK)

where does the tension spring go on a ranch king mower?
i cannot figure out where the tension spring goes on my ranch king mow...

jerry howard | United States

How can I replace the rollers on my Honda HRB425C lawnmower?
Honda HRB425C Lawnmower- How do I replace the rear rollers on this law...

Steve Lawrence | Great Britain (UK)

Motor spins in reverse?
My lawn mower is spinning the blades backwards (i.e. motor spins in re...

Paul (London) | Great Britain (UK)

How can I fix my ride on lawn mower fly wheel for the brushe?
The top fly wheel on the busher drive has a nut to hold it in place, w...

Stephen | Great Britain (UK)

How can I get my Honda HRB425C driven started?
having problems starting the above, have fitted new spark plug which i...

Tim | Great Britain (UK)

Qualcast Concorde 32 lever control problem?
I have had cause to open the control lever assembly unit and and hav...

D.E.Williams | Great Britain (UK)

How do I remove bottom drive coupling.Qualcast classic 30?
Qualcast Classic Electric 30 Mower. I am in the process of changing t...

D.Edwards | Great Britain (UK)

lawnflite gears?
have just bought lawnflite ride on mower runs ok but have no connecti...

robert lister | Great Britain (UK)

Countax loss of power?
I have a countax 300h with Briggs strartton engine. I am struggling to...

Bruce | Great Britain (UK)

countax 300h lawn mower lost drive?
my lawn mower has lost drive the belt is ok just tries to move...

peter wilkins | Great Britain (UK)

clean spark plug?
What is the best way to locate and clean the sparking plug on Power De...

Bill C. | Great Britain (UK)

recoil starter has died!!?
Hi,my recoil starter has died,and have been in touch with supplier who...

Fox Harley | Great Britain (UK)

my briggs & stratton 35 wont start?
how do i fix a briggs-stratton 35 mower that i bought from B&Q, wont s...

ian graham | Great Britain (UK)

hi my pull cord is stuck wont pull out any ideas wot it might be n how...

gazza7 | Canada

wont turn on?
craftsman riding mower 917252600 ? turned it of to open gate now wo...

Don | United States

flymo electric 340 roller model mower?
when i start to cut grass after about 5 mins the motor runs at half sp...

john | Great Britain (UK)

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