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Categories > Sound & Vision > Mobile Telephones > Questions
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There are 48 questions in this category,
Mobile Telephones.

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Fix Mobile Telephones

Barclaycard Google Pay?
Is there really no way to register a Barclaycard for Google Pay contac...


Sony Xperia M2 won't power on after May 2015 System Update?
I applied the system software update made available earlier in May to ...

Dan Smith

Can I upgrade my HuaweiG510 from Jelly Bean to Kit Kat?
My Huawei Ascend G510 came with Jelly Bean (and the horrid Emotion wra...

H Dean

samsung c3050 backlight?
can I get my Samsung c3050 backlight fixed...


broken backlight on samsung c3050?
can I get a new light for the screen on my Samsung c3050...


samsung tocco ultra lite phone?
I dropped my phone and now I get coloured lights down screen which cle...


Radio reception on HTC Wildfire S is awful?
Is there anyway I improve the FM radio reception on my HTC Wildfire S?...


Solutions for LCD Faults in mobile?
Solutions for LCD Faults in mobile...


how to correct power fault in mobile?
how to correct power fault in mobile...


blackberry 9000?
how can i fix a white screen of death...


HOW doI fix black screen on my Nokia 6350?
HOW doI fix black screen on my Nokia 6350?...


samsung c3050?
stopped receiving texts but can text out any ideas...


how do i fix backlight on my nokia 6303 classic?
i dropped my nokia 6303 classic down a drain,so it got wet,i had the p...


license to play music?
samsung tocco lite .Downloaded my music to phone .all tracks have a me...


tocco lite mobile?
when i try to access my images my mobile freezes and turns off and bac...

harry walsh

how can i fix my sony erricson c902 it has froze?
my phone displayed unusual symbols then froze...


how can i fix my tocco lite?
my screen is partly frozen and a little blue strobe light symbol has a...


nokia n6500?
my phone when turning phone on it turns on & turns of again...


my screen is black and lights up and then goes off. sony er?
my sony erric w995 screen stays black when i turn it on...


I have a samsung tocco-lite,How do u enable JavaScript ?
How do u Enable JavaScript on Samsung tocco-lite,Anybody please ?...


samsung u600?
I have one photo stuck in "Camera"and"Media album". It will not delete...


how can i fix my phone?
how can i fix my phone it keeps saying inactive sim wat dose this meen...


samsung c3050 help also e250?
can anyone tell me how to unlock the c3050 as i have reset my phone an...


how can i fix my c902?
it went for a wash in the washing machine...


Nokia N95?
I have just replaced the back and front cover of my Nokia N95 but now ...


how can i fix a cracked screen?
how can you fix a mobile cracked screen...


I dont seem to be able to locate the charger socket into my Samsung so...


how can i fix my phone screen?
hi how can i fix my sonyericsson w810. sony ericsson w810 screen is b...


how can i fix a samsung soul?
the message 'camera failed' keps coming up....


how do i fix this?
Once my phone begins to turn on it cuts ou and switches off, i am assu...


how can i fix my sony ericsson w595?
it says inactive sim when they work on other phones...


how can i fix my sony ericsson w810i?
when u turn it on u get the sony ericsson logo after that it says plea...


how do i fix my sony erricson c902 that wont turn on?
how do i get my c902 to turn on? it got water damage and doesnt sense ...


How can i fix my nokia 6210?
when i turn my phone on it says mode mode nokia...

dean csakvary

how do i fix my w580i?
i dropped my phone in water and it has a strange buzzing noise when i ...


my nokia n95 says simcard registration failed can this be reversed...


screen repair on CECT P168c?
Is there a way to get a new screen for it How do i do it? where from,...


unlock mobile?
my samsung mobilephone is saying phone locked returne for

chris jones.

how can i fix my g600?
i cant cancel the call barring on my samsung sghg600 mobile,nothing in...


contacts retrive?
i have lg reliance rd 2650 mobile .in that display gone out.pls help m...


How can I install MSN on mobile phone, Nokia E50?
I would like to install MSN on my mobile phone, Nokia E50. I don't kno...


Samsung SGH-X640 gets very hot?
I can't speak on my mobile for more than 10 mins, the phone gets very ...


mobile turns itself off?
my Nokia 3310 mobile phone turns itself off all the time. If I take it...


I need manual?
I need to set up the answer machine on my BT DECOR500. I can't find th...


I can't hear my mobile phone, when it rings?
My mobile phone (Siemens CL75) sound is not loud enough. When it rings...


why has the display on my philips dect122 phone broken?
When I type the numbers on my Philips Dect 122 cordless phone, the num...


Why isn't my Ericsson W580i recharging?
My Ericsson W580i doesn't seem to be holding a charge. What can I do?...


can I repair a scratch on a samsung e250?
can i repair a scratch on a samsung e250 mobile phone?...


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