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Categories > Sound & Vision > Games Consoles > Questions
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There are 14 questions in this category,
Games Consoles.

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Fix Games Consoles

how do i change the drive?
my drive is not reading the discs do any one know how to change them i...


r4i gold?
got a r4i gold chip and dsi says there is no card inserted in the ds g...


how to fix Ds lite?
My Nitendo DS lite has no power. when i try turning it on, it wont. wh...


wii wont read disc?
how do i fix my wii ita says its unable 2 read disc but was working fi...


xbox 360 has 3 lights how can i fix?
hi my xbox premium has 3 red lights how do i fix it???...


ds lite wont show ebooks?
My ds lite wont show ebooks on my R4 and gets stuck on the loading pag...


Nintedo DS wont charge?
when our nintendo ds is plugged into the charger, the charge light com...


Can my Nintendo DS get fixed?
Can my Nintendo ds get fixed as the touch screen isnt working well. Pa...


how to fix an xbox 360?
my xbox is broke it is flashing 1 red light and has an error code E 74...


how do i fix my ds?
how can i fix my ds lite touch screen it wont recalibrate?...


microphone for guitar hero world tour?
how do you get it to work?...

Charlie Walker

how can i fix my ds lite?
my ds lite is not responding when game is inserted...


My microphone is blocked.?
My microphone is blocked, how do i fix it?...


Touch screen failed on my Nintendo DS?
The touch screen has stopped working on my Nintendo DS. Nothing happen...


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Games Consoles

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