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Categories > Sound & Vision > DVD Players > Questions
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There are 50 questions in this category,
DVD Players.

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Fix DVD Players

how can i fix my dvd vcr combi toshiba se-r0342?
my dvd vcr combi was working fine until today but now it keeps switchi...


Blue light comes on but won't power up?
My bush dvd surround sound want power up the blue light comes on but w...


panasonic dvd recorder dmr-48veb?
The DVD recorder has the message please wait on the unit repeated co...


What does code e1000 mean?
Machine has e1000 code on display...

Peter bashford

samsung HT-X710 Home cinema system,?
Its not connected to tv at moment as building work going on. I want to...

Tracey Jane

how to fix tevion cd-68?
how to fix the cd lid on the tevion dc-68 cassette recorder...


Tevion Recorder Model No.TDRDVD 4000?
DVD Loader will not load disc.Can I get new Loader Model No.BDR-L06S...

John Fraser

How to fix Samsung surround sound!!!!?
This really is my last attempt at repairing this fault. My Samsung BD1...

Craig B

Toshiba dvd hdd recorder switching itself off?
iv Toshiba rd 329 been fine till other day now turning it self off bee...

Paul duffy

portable dvd player stuck in standby?
I have an Ikasu portable dvd player - model DVB-98T. This morning the ...

Dawn Smith

faulty portable dvd player?
prev/next buttons on the surface of the player not working. Wharfedale...


Pink tint on DVD playback?
I have a Panasonic DMR- EZ48VEB connected via scart cable. Playback of...


yukai r100a dead set?
my yukai r100a plus dvd recorder is dead. the mains fuse and inside s...

brian ecclestone

samsung vr 320?
have cleaned the door opening mechanism which has cured the non openin...

brian ecclestone

samsung dvd vr320?
dvd drawer will only open very occasionally and the vhs sp plays slowl...

brian ecclestone

samsung v5600 repair?
replaced d15516 400v rectifier diode to cure dead set, but after a sho...

brian ecclestone

Safe Mode welkin vcr/dvd compo model T569?
How can get my unit out of safe mode...

Dougie T

how can i fix my dvd?
My Matsui DVD is working.but once the disc has been loaded it says it ...


Ferguson personal dvd player ldvd71?
Fergason 7" dvd player.Doesen't play disc .informs me that there is no...

Wrennie Wisbey

how can i fix my portable dvd player?
bush 7inch portable dvd player i cant get it to play the dvds it is fu...


ldvr1608 logik?
stuck in standby just blue led lit and fan runs thats it...


3 CD turntable keeps jumping?
Please can I fix my Aiwa 3 CD turntable as it keeps jumping and then c...


How can i fix my Sony RDR-GX210?
My Sony DVD Recorder RDR-GX210 will not open the dvd drawer and it kee...


how do i get sound?
i have a new curtis portable dvd player and it has no sound...


I get a double screen on my tv when I turn on my dvd player. It's a ch...

gwen woodward

how can i fix my sony rdr-gx210 dvd recorder?
My sony rdr-gx210 dvd recorder is ejecting all can i fix it...

Ian Anderson New Zealand

How can I fix my Tevion TDRDVD4000 dvd recorder?
It doesn't load or play, no display and R13 in the power supply is coo...

Ian V. Uden

How can i fix my LG HT303 eject's problems?
I need help fixing my LG HT303 player. There is a disc inside, wheneve...


how can i fix mytevion tdr5102 recorder?
Hi... I have a Tevion TDR5102 DVD RECORDER which I bought about 30 mon...

Douglas Newton

digilogic dvd in safe mode?
my digilogic dvd combo is in safe mode what can i do...


how can i fix the colour on main screen of my dvd player mod?
how can i get the colour back on the main screen of my dvd player-curt...

matheus ter morsche

How do I repair the power supply on Maxim MX11-20?
How do I repair the power supply unit on the Maxim MX11-20 DVD player....


How do I fix my m22dvdb19 dvd player?
Sound is skipping when playing dvd...


Comment puis-je reparer Sony rdr gx210?
Ejecte disc ne marche pas...

Robert Cornish

how can I fix my sony rdr gx210?
Eject disc does not work...

Robert Cornish

cd player idc-a09 5 disc player?
needs a new fly lead...


Help /Advise Please wharfedale (400f) 80g Hdd Dvd recorder?
wharfedale (400f) 80g Hdd Dvd recorder no sound? This is the 2nd whar...

Allan Kendrick

What's wrong with my DVD Player?
I have a Proline 1050 DVD player, serial no. E105003112500805HM01 whic...


Correcting a jolt 2 a DVD possible?
I have a brand new Samsung dvd/vhs combo player /model DVD-V5650B /mfg...


on-off switch?
the on-off switch is broken on my portable dvd player....

s wilcox

multi cd player faulty?
Renault espace multi cd player finds cd's but will not play...

John F Johnston

How van i fix my Magnavos DVD player?
When i put dvd in the tray and close it, i get massage "error". And i...

Alla Novoseletsky

"no disc" showing?
my welkin dvd compo t569 is continuously showing no disc. On occasion ...


how can i make my orion cw 1403 d multi region?
how can i make orion cw 1403 d multi region...


how do i repair [compact disc system; AIWA,model#NSX-AV900]?
cd player does not play,we can eliminate the following: insert disc co...

William Earl Jacobs

toshiba sd-43hk home cinema system?
When switch the dvd player on i get the following message displayed. ...

Boyd Ryan

how can i add items to my television?
how can i add a matsui dvd recorder with 2 scart sockets and a set top...

richard cater

Ferguson 7" portable dvd player LDVD71?
I have lost my ac adaptor for my portable dvd player, is it possible ...

karen major

how do i finalise dvd's on a Bush dvd recorder+vcr combi?
what is the dvd finalising procedure, once i have recorded something o...


message on dvd player saying the disks are dirty.?
my dvd player is not working. when we play a dvd an error message pop...


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