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Categories > Computing > Computer Printers > Questions
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There are 40 questions in this category,
Computer Printers.

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Fix Computer Printers

error messagemy canon pixma mp130?
is saying PUT IN CARTRIDGE?.I have changed both cartridges still the s...


lexmark x2480 printer?
Every new cartridge I install it still tells me it is empty! when you ...


canon clc3220 error code E000220-0000?
i have a canon clc3220 with an error code E000220-0000 what can i do o...


can i buy a disc for a dx8400 printer?
I have mislaid my disc for my epson DX8400 printer can i order a new ...


how can i fix my all-in-one printer/ scanner?
my hewlett packard officejet model G55 displays error c00e0402?...


drives installed?
im no windows 7 but my lexmark 2480 will not install the drives...


hp deskjet printer?
my hp deskjet 3650 printer stopped printing half way through a documen...

kenny newton

How can I reset a Canon IR 2800 Printer with a error code E?
How can I reset a Canon Imagerunner 2800 Printer that will not work be...

Debbie M.

How to get printer to accept refilled ink cartridge?
I have a Lexmark X2480 I have been using for a few years. Ive been re...


CP-700 mitsubishi printer giving low quality image?
Hello! I have a problem with the CP-700 mitsubishi printer. The issue ...


my printer says obstruction in carriage...


epson stylus R300 printer?
I upgraded my coputer to widows 7,I loaded the software for my R300 pr...

eddie h

How can I fix my print head on HP Officjet Pro L7680 All-in-?
When I switch on my printer it says Black and Yellow Print Head has a ...


paper feed?
my epsondx8400 will not feed paper says not loaded how can i fix...


epson stylus photo RX425 all lights flashing on startup?
when i start my printer up all the lights flash and i cannot use the p...

g kindred

noisy epsom r300 printer?
when i want to print it makes a loud grinding noise & it dont print at...


change ink cartridge in epsom photo r 300?
how to change black cartridge in epsom photo r 300...


Canon mx300 alarm light on?
I have a canon mx300 with an alarm light that comes on when power is p...


how do i install drivers for an hp deskjet printer?
how do i get and install drivers for my hp deskjet 3650 printer...i ha...


the paper is always jamming up in my printer?
my paper from the printer is not comming out properly its jamming...


How to fix my canon printer MP130 cartridge error?
My canon printer always comes out with error of Put in Cartridge when ...


computer printer canon i250?
my canon i250 printer will not print out the green light is flashing a...

david shinn

How can I fix my HP 6940 Printer?
Why does my HP 6940 Printer only print out in red ink....


display too dim on HP PSC 2410 Photosmart?
HP PSC 2410 Photosmart colour graphic display on the top has suddenly ...

Ian Saxton

Printer stopped printing on Epson Office BX300F Printer?
I replaced cartridges and now printer has stopped printing can anyone ...


how can i fix my printer (scanner)?
my epson dx4400 printer scanner won't connect with my computer. it say...

Tracey Taylor

epson 1290 printer will not print?
it will do a head clean, but will not print document....

Paul Wright

how can i fix my officejet 5610?
how do I re boot my officejet 5610. Keeps displaying paper jam when in...


getting my laptop to recognise printer?
cant get windows vista to work with lexmark x4550...


Dell All-in-one 944 printer?
Changed black cartridge in above unit which keeps claiming that cart r...


how can i fix my brother printer model mfc-440cn?
the printer keeps showing black ink empty even though i have tried 2 n...

dave hulson

How can I clear printhead carrier jam for Dell All in one printer 944?
what is printhead carrier and where is it located and how to clear pri...


HP psc 2410 all in one photosmart very dim display?
Can not see display any ideas how to repair----thanks....

ecca 123

Where can I download a driver for an Epson Stylus Color R300?
Where can I download a driver for an Epson Stylus Color R300...


do i need to buy special paper for an inkjet printer?
do i need to buy special paper for an inkjet printer? some paper in th...


need software 4 lexmark x3430?
i lost my software disk 4 lexmark x3430...


Can I use compatible cartridges in my inkjet printer?
I have always bought manufacturers ink jet cartridges. Compatible cart...


Where can I find a driver for a Lexmark Z25 printer?
I want to install my Lexmark Z25 printer on a Windows Vista machine. W...


Lines all over the picture?
I use glossy paper to print pictures on my Epson Stylus R 300. When I ...


How can I clean the print head Epson E300?
How can I clean the print head on my Epson Stylus Photo R300 printer? ...


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