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Categories > Appliances > Tumble Dryers > Questions
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There are 735 questions in this category,
Tumble Dryers.

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Fix Tumble Dryers

hotpoint condenser/drier tcem80c6puk wiring for timer unit?
which wire goes where on timer control as they came off whilst replaci...


Hotpoint CDT00p Start Swith not staying on?
The machine will not run if start switch released. I have changed the ...

Brian Sheppard

classix7 condenser dryer leaking?
Having fixed problem with dryer stopping, it now seems to have develop...

Dave H

zanussi condencer lead/plug?
moved a few weeks ago, gone to dry my clothes, but I cant find the plu...


how to start my tumble dryer?
Bosch tumble dryer WTL 5500GB will not start when start selected. All...


My hotpoint tumble dryer timing dial will not turn?
Tumble dryer used 2 days ago - no problem set time, finished at 0 & cl...


turn on dryer light comes on then go of wont start?
i have a bosch tumble dryer exxcel when i turn it on the the light com...


Tumble dryer timer switch?
What makes a tumble dryer timer stick and can I replace it...

Sue Curtis

replace heating element defy autodryer?
Ho to replace the element on a defy aurodryer...

eddy uys

Fault on Hotpoint Aqualtis tumble dryer?
My Aqualtis tumble dryer is leeking and drum is getting very hot but t...

Lynda Clements

no power to tumble dryer?
i have a 9kg candy condenser tumble dryer. i put a load in and it sto...


gra.phite 1500 cordless phone?
my bt graphite cordless wont let me dial out. the screen says HOLD K...

elizabeth lund

transport bolts?
Is there any transport bolts on a bush tumble dryer?...


How can I fix Hoover TC650 - on button doesn't stay on?
How can I fix my dryer Hoover TC650. The "on" button doesn't stay down...


Why does my Autodry 45 tumble dryer trip main power?
My tumble dryer Defy Auto dry 45 start working but after a short wile ...


time swich not working on Cred TVR2 tumble dryer?
Creda TVR2 vented tumble dryer not switching off and not cooling down....

Brian Donaldson

What causes squeaks?
My vented Bosch Exxcel tumble dryer (E-Nr WTA4107GB) squeaks when runn...

Bill McCrae

does White Knight C372WV Vented Tumble Dryer?
does trhe above dryer have a transit bolt as mine is making a loud ban...


door lock broken on beko dc7110w?
how to change lock mechanism on beko dc711ow...


tumble dryer transport bolts?
where are the transport bolts on my bush tumble dryer?...


Beko DSC 85 inside light?
The inside light flashes when you open thedoor...


Theres a F09 code on my siemens tumble dryer?
How can i repair it?...

Ruth Trindade

how to fix Beko DCU 6130 W belt to pulley/motor?
The belt appears to have become detached from the pulley/motor i don't...


Bosch Exxcel 7 container light flashes which stops dryer?
After 2 mins dryer stops drying when container light flashes. No water...


Dryer won't start?
I have a Bosch Maxx 8 condenser dryer. My problem is that when I load ...


How can fix my candy grando goc58f?
When in use after a few minutes all the lights start to flash and it s...


Bosch Classic 7 Cuts out before drying complete.?
Machine runs for 10 mins or sp then stops and no lights show. After al...


Bosch Classixx in energy saving mode?
I have a Bosch Classixx condenser dryer. When it is switched on, the s...


Hot point aqulatis aqc9 bf5e?
Machine just keeps heating clothes and not coming any thing else...

Anything dicken

tumble dryer wont start?
bosch classixx tumble dryer bleeps 4 times and three lights on and won...


Beko drcs68w, has non power?
Power to drum light ok, filters clean and level sensors working but st...

Darren Cooper

what is wrong with my beko tubledryer?
All of a sudden my Beko condenser tumble dryer keeps starting, stoppin...


Container light?
Container light keeps on coming on...


My candy condenser dryer is squeaking as the drum rotates.?
how do I gain access to the wheels that turn my drum? We've had to ba...

Karen M

Dryer cold and on off switch makes a noise?
Hi I have recently replaced the heater elements and thermostats and no...

Liz crowther

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Tumble Dryers

Fix Tumble Dryers

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