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Categories > Appliances > Microwave Ovens > Questions
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There are 66 questions in this category,
Microwave Ovens.

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Fix Microwave Ovens

wont switch off?
combination oven wont switch off at end of task...

c brown | United Kingdom

bulb not coming on?
how do I access the bulb so I can replace it model no k25...

ray | United Kingdom

my door warning light stays on my ldv maxnus?
red light stays on doors of my maxus ldv van...

john | Great Britain (UK)

How to change light bulb in Sanyo EM-D953 Microwave?
Please can someone tell me where the light bulb in my Sanyo EM-D953 mi...

Anne | Great Britain (UK)

Fuse blows after 3 seconds?
My little used, 10 yr old Neff built-in, combination oven won't microw...

David | Great Britain (UK)

fix model # MW7305BC?
door will not open. unit operates fine except door...

ric | United States

makes humming noise when switched on?
I have delgoni microwave makes humming noise when switched on any idea...

surya | Great Britain (UK)

microwave stopped working?
I have a Panasonic Dimension 4 microwave oven. The oven and grill work...

Tony | Great Britain (UK)

small oven on rangemaster 110 ceramic?
On my rangemaster 110 ceramic the small oven on the left will not work...

Ashraf | Great Britain (UK)

zanussi microwave wont heat up?
My microwave seems to be working fine . The grill is stil working but ...

lee | Ireland

Aeg MCC3880em no power at all?
Hi I've just brought an aeg MCC3880em microwave/ grill/ oven. The prob...

Daz3887 | United States

Fix Neff H5430N0gb/02 microwave oven?
I want to replace the push button set. How do I remove the control pan...

John | United States

how do I replace screw in handle of spacesaver?
The bottom screw of the handle on my spacesaver microwave came out. T...

Nancy | United States

microwave dead not working?
i have checked external fuse all ok, changed the internal fuse still n...

zaff | United States

changing light bulb?
Delonghi MAK 346 microwave how do I change light bulb...

Joe H | United States

Replace light bulb?
How to replace a light bulb in a Bifinett KH 1107 Microwave?...

John Goddard | Great Britain (UK)

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Microwave Ovens

Fix Microwave Ovens

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