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There are 1786 questions in this category,

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Fix Vans

Vauxhall combo 03?
Wipers have a fault on intermittent setting all the other setting are ...

Tony | Germany

04 Vauhall Combo LPG running lumpy?
I have an 04 Vauxhall combo dualfuel 1.6, it is running quite lumpy an...

Tony | Great Britain (UK)

vauxhall combi 1.7 diesel 2002?
my rev counter and speedo not working everything else dose...

andy | Great Britain (UK)

van cuts out?
i have a citroen relay hdi 2.2,it cuts out at 40mph,or if in any gear ...

iain mclaughlin | Great Britain (UK)

have a primastar wont start no glow plug light?
have a primastar wont start no glow plug light on dash changed glow pl...

derek | Ireland

Battery Light on, Cuts out Ford Escort 55 Van 1.8D 2000 Reg?
Bought an Escort van a week ago. The battery light came on. Now car wi...

Alice | Great Britain (UK)

iveco 02 plate 2.8cc van?
my van will run all day but when istop for 10 mins or so it will not s...

dave | Great Britain (UK)

Renault trafic 1.9 2006 with diesel fuel problem?
The van isn't getting fuel unless you use hand primer...

Rab Martin | Great Britain (UK)

fuse blown?
a fuse has blown on my iveco 35c13 i have no dash lights spedo rev cou...

john | Great Britain (UK)

w plate movano non turbo diesel will not rev and reeks exhau?
got a w plate non turbo movano pick up- , put some fuel in out of a 5 ...

tallisman | Great Britain (UK)

van heater?
heater in an h reg luton von is not sending any heat into the cab...

geoff | Great Britain (UK)

ford transit jumbo 2007 6 speed?
i have a noise in first gear and refervse gear...

mark | Great Britain (UK)

how do i change the fuel filter on a renault kangoo?
how do i change the fuel filter on my renault kangoo SL 19DCI 70...

PEDRO | Great Britain (UK)

vans central locking gone into overdrive?
hello my kangoo van has started to lock itself an unlock when parked a...

robb | Great Britain (UK)

how can i solve a problem with my combo van?
the spanner in a car symbol comes on and the van loses power also the ...

steve | Great Britain (UK)

cannot get gears?
i have changed the clutch and slave cylinder still canot get gears tid...

keith | Great Britain (UK)

how can i fix alternator vauxhall combo van?
alternator fault...

kevin | United States

1998 Convoy Minibus will not start?
Battery fully charged engine will not start...

tucks | Great Britain (UK)

Brake warning light reset?
How do I reset the brake warning light on my Vito 109 CDI. Its had new...

Dave Harding | Great Britain (UK)

how can i fix my heating?
the fans work on my ford courier y reg van but the heat wont work how ...

mark smith | United States

van with not go above 3000 rpm yet will be fine 5mins later?
my van will not go above 3000 rpm and will not have any power .have ch...

matt plymouth | Great Britain (UK)

citroen berlingo van turbo?
turbo cuts in and out...

mike | Great Britain (UK)

Fuel starvation issue - Citroen Relay?
I have a problem with my beloved old relay that no one seems able to i...

Laurendo | Great Britain (UK)

nissan primastar 2003?
the fanbelt snapped on my nissan primastar van 2003. Would this happen...

Dan B. | Great Britain (UK)

relay matrix?
how to replace heater matrix on a citroen relay van 2004 model...

dave c | United States

1999 2.9 310 sprinter?
i have a 310 sprinter that seems to take for ever to build up any spee...

alan | Portugal

how to fix heater matrix movano...

n | Great Britain (UK)

wear is glow plug relay on 05 v/hall combie?
poor starting code said heater relay...

robert | Germany

renault master drivers door?
drivers door wont open from outside . pull handle but no good . opens ...

alan | Great Britain (UK)

fix my door locks on van?
can you help me with ay information on how to repair locks on my renua...

gee | Great Britain (UK)

clutch pedal vauxhall combo 2002 1700?
is the bracket at the top of the clutch pedal and acts on the pushrod ...

andy b | Great Britain (UK)

were are the fuse boxes?
have a mercedes vito 108d...

mrs w e wiffen | Great Britain (UK)

2007 nissan primstar new air flow stiill no revs?
2007 nissan primstar new air flow stiill no revs...

geoff | Great Britain (UK)

trafic van dci80?
how do you the change tail lights on a renualt trafic van...

muffin | Great Britain (UK)

glow plug light on dash not working van not start?
vauxhall combi 17di 02 changed glow plugs van struggled to start runs ...

pete | Great Britain (UK)

Pollen filter fitment?
how do i change a pollen filter on a vauxhall combo van?...

Duncan | Great Britain (UK)

how do i fix a faulty horn on a citroen berlingo,?
it works when it wants too, very strange...

tommie | Great Britain (UK)

adjust fan belt on astra van tdi?
fan belt adjustment...

pez | Great Britain (UK)

Vauxhall Vivaro 1.9 2004 Dashboard lights?
The stop and battery lights go on and off whilst driving? Van drives O...

MaltaBob | Great Britain (UK)

1998 combo van clicking not starting?
1998 combo van clinking not starting...

dav | Great Britain (UK)

wining noise?
hi there i have a ldv van that when im driving it it wines when i push...

mark | Great Britain (UK)

how do i set timing?
do i need to set timing, as nothing seemed to happened when belt stapp...

john price | Great Britain (UK)

2006 mercedes sprinter?
heater motor dont work got no power to switch checked all fuses all o...

marcus | Great Britain (UK)

whats wrong with my lights on vauxhall combo?
all the lights on my 2004 combo van work except low beam they work on ...

barni | Great Britain (UK)

boxer windscreen washer will not work?
how do fix my windscreen washer on my peugeot boxer the wipers work bu...

rick | Great Britain (UK)

how do I change headlight bulb, ldv maxus?
how do I change a headlight bulb on an ldv maxus...

jimmy | Great Britain (UK)

Heater mercedes vito?
Mercedes vito traveliner 2002, 9 seater people carrier.My heater blowe...

Lynne cook | Great Britain (UK)

where are the fuses on a 60 plate kangoo vanli?
how do i find the fuses for the side lights...

andy | Great Britain (UK)

edc light flashing and the engine cut off?
and i cant started again...

garbatov | Great Britain (UK)

mercedes vito 110 cdi?
just purchased it and on way home wont go over 3000 rpm and never over...

peter | Great Britain (UK)

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