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White lines on the top of my T.V. screen?

I have a 25" Model #DS25390 SDTV Sanyo tv with white lines going across the top portion of my tv screen. I bought the tv for $25 to put in the basement so I don't want to spend alot of money on it. If anybody knows a simple and cheap way of fixing the problem I would be greatly appreciative.
Thanks in advance!


August 2013


two things can cause this.
1)the vertical size/linearity adjustment is not correct,this exposes
the VBI and data scan lines used for teletext/closed caption.
the fix,in the case of (1) is a minor adjustment on the rear of the set.

2) component failure.
I think the problem is due to the vertical output coupling capacitor is failing,
causing a fold at the top of the picture.these are white 'retrace lines'
visible as a result of the fold.

The repair require replacement of the capacitor by a qualified tech.

Screen voltage has also gone up to high. I suggest you to check solder connects around flyback.

This is a website of a technician service , you can get more details for the solution and know the repair price.

gerardo August 2013

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White lines on the top of my T.V. screen?