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How can I stop a continual steam flow on my Russell Hobbs Sm?

I bought a Russell Hobbs Smartglide last November and cannot stop the continual steam flow! Any ideas if this will be connected to the operatimg button or another known fault?


May 2015


i know I appear to be a bit of a troll answering this late on, but this problem has annoyed me on and off for a couple of years. I wish I had asked for a replacement early on! I think I have the answer however although it is a fault. Ignore the descaler response from RH. It is the steam button itself that gets stuck and you have to push it upwards a little to get the steam programme to stop. I have tried this on 3 separate occasions and you have to keep trying to get it to work. You have to get the angle right! if yours is still under warrantee - better advice get another one!

Dawn February 2018


Have had same problem with my steamglide purchased September 2015, on phoning Russell Hobbs customer service have been advised to descale. Have descaled twice and replaced filter sent by Russell Hobbs. Unfortunately problem is still there. Phoned Russell Hobbs again yesterday, 27/04/2017. They have now agreed to replace my steam generator, I have to choose one from their website and they'll send it out.

Lorri April 2017


I'm having the same problem. Really need some help

Sarah April 2017


Hi I've also got the same problem does anyone know what to do, my model is 20580 thank you

Annette March 2017


I have the same problem. Amy help would be appreciated

Pamela February 2017


Did you ever find out what was wrong? I have the same issue.

Nic moe January 2017

I can help ...

How can I stop a continual steam flow on my Russell Hobbs Sm?