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How can I replace a drive belt on my lawn rake?

My Gardenline GVM-600 lawnrake has broken a drive belt and I cant find a replacement locally. Can you help?

Jim Young

October 2008


replacement can be bought from id XL120 031 £9.57 for 2+vat 1.67 +Postage £1.95
Excellent next day service

Mr J Simcock April 2010


ALM Manufacturing 01423 797208
or search ebay for PP600 as this belt fits and is better quality than the original

Richard February 2010


yes I had the same problem. Trouble with getting stuff cheap off eBay. Can't get a belt anywhere locally. Tried to buy one online but wrong kind. Anyway I've now found a site and it says the belt fits the GVM-600. Trouble is you have to buy three and pay lots for postage. Anyway I've ordered a pack so if you want to split the pack and buy one or two off me let me know. That way I can tell you if it fits! Apparently they break to save the motor from burning out when it hits something. Address where I ordered the (hopefully correct) belt from is

Brian Carson October 2008

I can help ...

How can I replace a drive belt on my lawn rake?