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How can I fix my kia sedona 2.9 diesel?

a couple of times recently my kia sedona hasn't started when I turn on the ignition, after a few attempts it has always started. Today after 20mins of trying and the battery light remaining on, I pressed the accelorator at the same time as turning the key and it started. The radio, lights etc all work so is this a battery problem? Thanks


November 2009


new fuel filter, may be air getting into the fuel line

wally May 2010


we had the same problem had it back to kia and local dealer all no help then discovered if we keep the oil full all the time never happens try it it worked for us if it drops a little under the full line starts again hope this helps

laura January 2010

I can help ...

How can I fix my kia sedona 2.9 diesel?