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How can i fix my acoustic solutions tv?

red green blue mode stuck on

steve hay

December 2009


i have a 32inch acoustic solutions tv, ive ad it now for 2 and a half years, ive ad no problems with it at all, till now, i went to switch it on, picture came on, then after 5 mins it switched it self off, the blue stand bye button went off 2, so i went to swith it on again, and it went off again after 10 mins, this went on for a few days, cus sometime it stayed on. but nw it wont come on at all nw, can u pls tell me wots wrong , and possibly tell me ow much it will cost to be fixed.

paul t March 2011


were can i get an screen for my acoustic solution lcd37761hdf television?

billy moore June 2010


Ive got the same problem please post if you have managed to fix this and how. Thankyou

Mike March 2010

I can help ...

How can i fix my acoustic solutions tv?