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Washer jets not working astra 03?

my washer jets on the front windscreen are dribbling not squirting how can i fix this, vauxhall astra 03 club


June 2010


there are a few ways to sort this issue out lynda.
1st try sticking i very fine pin in the nozzle of the jet and move it around in case it frees up any loose dirt that is clogging the nozzle.
2nd replace the jets.
3rd drain the washer bottle and blow the air pipes out with airline as this should clear the pipes out with a good blast of air(remember to remove the pipe from the jets to do this.
i hope this may help as i had this issue on my volvo before it was in a crash now i bought an astra in place.
all the best lynda hope its of use to you.

wayne June 2010

I can help ...

Washer jets not working astra 03?