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Indesit IWD7145 washing machine?

My machine wont switch on. Electric is going to the machine. Really need a wiring diagram
Dave Elms, August 2016
My washing machine won't work, it did last night and then tonight I have come to use it and it just won't switch on. Nothing works on it and no lights are coming on. We have checked the fuse and the socket but there fine. Can anyone help? The door shuts fine.

Susan, May 2017
prob be the door switch common fault tony always says its the main module ,try the door switch

gts, August 2016
Dave, sounds like your main module. We stock them at £53.88 + £6 postage (exchange). This is ready programmed for your model number. To order, go to our website at and put IWD7145 in the search box or call us on 01159652118. Make sure you include the info at You will still have the option of returning the module within 14 days for a refund (less our handling of £12) if it does not sort out the problem. Tony EMW Electronics

Tony, August 2016
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