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Augen MP4 player with camera MD-A499?

The product won't come on after being charged up all day

John Buchs

July 2010


I had a very similar problem. Go to the following link:
Download the firmware update .zip ( using password "augen2010". Now, google "augen md-a499 firmware" and look for the following hit: "[DOC] Download - AUGEN ELECTRONICS CORP - Kayako SupportSuite Help Desk ...File Format: Microsoft Word - Quick View
Firmware Upgrade. MD-A499. MP4 Touch Media Player. EXTRACT the file to C: drive. The path would be C:\MU902FIRMWARE. ..."
Now download the .doc or quickview it and follow instructions. Biggest thing here is that you must be able to press the MENU button on side of MP4 player, then connect USB to PC and release MENU button. If your PC "sees" a new USB device, then you should be able to update firmware. My POS started working again after i did this. Good luck!

Don R December 2010

I can help ...

Augen MP4 player with camera MD-A499?