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Ford galaxy 2.3 auto gearbox?

when d is selected only drives in 3rd gear, and can not select 1 2 3 manuly, and selects r very slowly, any advise on problem and possible fix please,thanks.

dave tucker

October 2010


ih i have a 2.3 auto galaxy and it pulls away i think in 2 gear has it not very fast the is no lights on the dash and you can use all gears if you used it as a manual it go,s ok 1,2,3,d and r no probs i have replaced the oil and filter in the box ( oil coming from ford them selfs) 7.5 litters into the box but as i say it drives great can any body help thanks

dave June 2011


The ford galaxy auto gearbox has an emergency feature that allows the car to get home using only 3rd gear and reverse should the gearbox fail. It seems your gearbox needs some attention or possibly renewal

Andy November 2010

I can help ...

Ford galaxy 2.3 auto gearbox?