how can i fix my window washers in my 02 plate vauxhall corsa?

vauxhall corsa 1L comfort
just recently my front and bk window washers dont seem to be working i have made sure theres nothing inside them blocking the water from coming out, i think its somthing do do with the electrics because when i try to use them i can hear a clicking sound from the electric box down the side of the passenger door, it also sometimes effects the passenger side window

can anybody help?
Richard n, January 2005

I've got the same promblem pal ive been told it is a ball baring which is stuck in the motor are some thing like that it costs a cuple of quid from a vauxhall dealer

Rob c, April 2008
Hello mate,

Did you have any joy with this problem af the washer water not working? i have a problem on my girlfriend car. Have changed the washer motor, checked fuses checked water level and checked the stalk. All i get is the clicking sound and the wipers moving but no water.......

golfgti69, March 2006
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