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How can i fix my indesit idl530 Dish Washer?

When i turn my indesit idl530 Dish Washer on, the pump operates, (I have checked that it is working by filling with water - the pump empties the machine) but after approx 1 minute the machine beeps and the left hand light starts flashing, but the pump continues to operate! Its as if the programme is stuck on the empty cycle! Is it possible to 'reset' the programme?


February 2009


Brilliant that worked for me thanks

just September 2011



This is indicating there is water

leaked into the base.

Pull the machine out and tip it rearwards about 45 degrees. Drain the water that comes out the rear corners then try the machine again.

If it starts filling then comes back with the same light flashing then you have a leak.

They are not the easiest machines to take apart and work on I'm afraid.

However, try draining the base first.

redmist August 2009


I have exacly the same problem with mine and am struggling to find an answer. i see its been a little while since you posted this so if your problem has been solved please can let me know

Jess July 2009

I can help ...

How can i fix my indesit idl530 Dish Washer?