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Hotpoint Aquarius FDW70G Dishwasher Power / Resetting Issues?

Hi All

I have a hotpoint aquarius FDW70G dishwasher and one day it just wouldnt turn on. Done the usual fuse checks etc so i thought id leave it for my brother to have a looksee. He said it turned on straight away for him but it wouldnt turn off and it was kind of going into this routine with the door closed " beep, program 1 (you couldnt select any other) it would start a program and then it would reset itself" . I had a look and took out the control panel thinking it was that, when i put it back together it worked YAY!, for 10 mins and the whole routine started again.

It would either be locked in the off posistion where the buttons wouldnt help, or on doing some wierd power reset - beep . Like i said with the door closed it would start a cleaning routine, with the door open the panel would just beep - reset.

When the unit was off i went to move the washer out a little and then i thought i would try the unit and it started working great for about 5 mins this time. My best guess is i have a faulty logic board with the display on it, but id like the opinion of experts before spending £50 on a replacement!!.

If it would help i can post a vid upto youtube of what happens with it.


Julian Benson

July 2011

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Hotpoint Aquarius FDW70G Dishwasher Power / Resetting Issues?