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renault megane dynamique 2004/5?
for a while now when trying to start my car i get a message "card not ...

Richard McGowan | January 2020

Fix fault in dishwasher?
How can I fix my Cooke and Lewis dishwasher model DW160CL showing E3...

Jane c | January 2020

Russell Hobbs model20630?
Iron making a treble noise on steam. Russell Hobbs steam Iron model n...


Finding the right night light?
I have not managed to find a plug in night light where the movement se...

Arthur | December 2019

how do I disconnect the tachograph on my 2008 LDV Maxus?
How do I disconnect the tachograph on a 2008 (58 reg) LDV Maxus? If I ...

clydeowenp | November 2019

Reolink RLC-410W CCTV camera, Flash?
I bought a Reolink RLC-410W CCTV camera in July 2019. Chrome is now w...

rcn | November 2019

How can I test pans for an Induction Hob?
Is it safe to test that pans are compatible with an Induction Hob by u...

James | November 2019

Top oven & grill not working?
I have a Servis DC-60B cooker. The top oven & grill only work intermit...

Timq | November 2019

citroen dispatch 1.9 diesel 2004?
my rear fog light is not coming on bulb is there fuse or relay for it...

mr thomas w mason | October 2019

Constant noise coming from base of iron?
Russell Hobbs steam generator model 23393 making a constant noise but ...

Vivien | October 2019

Bosch classixx 6 1200 express washing machie?
Fault f 17 showing does anyone know the problem...

Denise | October 2019

Stop glider from moving?
The glider on my recliner goes back to far when I get up. How do I sto...

K paul | September 2019

fuse for washer?
what number is the fuse for the washer/wiper 2011 kangoo van...

Paul Wilson | September 2019

cda extractor flashing A?
my cda extractor keeps flashing A even though it is still working...

surjit | September 2019

My air in my car blows only hot air?
2000 Chevy Malibu only blows hot air what's could be wrong...

Stephanie Scheide | August 2019

How can I fix Hitachi L26DPO4U?
Hitachi TV\DVD player loses sound after about three minutes. It comes ...

Chris | July 2019

how di i stop a constant noise from my iron?
my Tesco irsg2416 steam station is now making a constant noise when ...

E mckerron | July 2019

iplayer app won't start on Samsung TV?
iplayer has always worked on my Samsung smart TV. In the last few day...

I Smith | July 2019

Barclaycard Google Pay?
Is there really no way to register a Barclaycard for Google Pay contac...

Leon | June 2019

Pipe bracket name?
I need a new white plastic pipe bracket for the kitchen waste pipe. I...

JJ | June 2019

eco2 glasswasher wont stop filling up when at its levels?
Help I have an classic eco 2 glass washer it fills up and heats up but...

daniel | May 2019

How can I get it out?
Door open button broke and has fell behind panel...

Barry Culver | May 2019

citroen c3 2005?
regarding an answer please email me on . thank ...

demi | May 2019

Citroen C3 2005?
( Citroen c3 2005) I went to a locksmith today and they put in a new l...

demi | May 2019

reset washing machine?
how do i reset my washing machine it is a beko wm5140w...

paul crundall | May 2019

alba lcd w16hdf?
MY Alba LCD W16HDF Takes 15 minutes to come on, the blue light on the ...

Wayne | May 2019

mountfield lawnmower trouble starting?
I can start my lawnmower from cold, however when I stop it to empty th...

michael head | May 2019

My Indesit WIXE 127 error code says 'F-05'?
I put a wash on and half way through wash stops and display says F-05 ...

Jenni Shep | April 2019

Fault on Marcy cross trainer?
The screen on my Marcy onyx C80 Elliptical cross trainer is showing E1...

Alexander Howat | April 2019

error code f-18?
How do I remove the control board...

Bron | April 2019

speedo not working?
speedo stoped working on my 2008 maxus has any 1 got any idears...

ray | April 2019

2001 mercedes s600 no crank?
Hi my 2001 S600 wont crank and battery is good...

kelly | April 2019

Water in drum 2 days AFTER finishing wash Bosch FD9105?
Hi All, after a normal wash the machine empties and drains the water o...

daringdonald | March 2019

How to remove digital clock dash in vauxhall combo van?
How to remove crescent shaped digital clock on Central dash on vauxhal...

Steve soady | March 2019

rapid banging as drum spun?
as my hotpoint Aquarius WMF 740 echo tech was spinning, it sounded as ...

rob wilson | March 2019

Citroen semi hitop semi wb?
When I pop my bonnet it opens but I can’t get it to release it like ...

Stephen Oakes | March 2019

How do I replace my oil pressure sensor?
Is there somewhere here who can tell me where the oil pressure sensor ...

IanPP | February 2019

hotpoint condenser/drier tcem80c6puk wiring for timer unit?
which wire goes where on timer control as they came off whilst replaci...

ivor | January 2019

How can I fix my Citroen Dispatch?
Put new battery on been working all day when I’m turning the engine ...

Robert Evans | January 2019

Hotpoint CDT00p Start Swith not staying on?
The machine will not run if start switch released. I have changed the ...

Brian Sheppard | January 2019

Flavel Aspen 100?
Hi. Fan oven and grill on Flavel Aspen 100 not working. Clock still o...

Rob | December 2018

what is a kein signal?
alba tv comes on for 5 mins then a kein signal comes up tv turns off...

martin | December 2018

How to fix model WF02467GB/ 17?
My washing machine does not start, select program time displays, “re...

Simon D | November 2018

LDV, maxus, 08.?
Accelerator pedal dropped to floor and revs go into red on trying to s...

Richb | November 2018

Washing machine short circuited during cycle?
Aqualtis washing machine short circuited mid cycle. Electric wouldn’...

Karen | November 2018

Why does the battery light come on?
After starting my van 2 to 3 times the battery light comes on and then...

Steve | November 2018

fault with russell hobbs power stream iron?
Power stream ultra has power to it bet no light appears and it doesn't...

Peter Lancaster | October 2018

My hotpoint aqualtis AQXXL 128 PI is stopping mid cycle?
It’s filling up normal when started but won’t get past the first p...

Nic louise | October 2018

How do I change the pump?
I have a Murphy Richards Steam Iron that isn't making steam, I suspect...

robert davies | October 2018

how can i fix my bosch wis24140gb/07 washing machine?
start button flashing,, I have already replaced motor brushes, and ele... | October 2018

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