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Fix Plumbing

errror code E5 on ferroliboiler?
showing an errorof E5 on boier what do I need todo...

Eilis Cronjaeger

how can i fix my shower?
I have a triton mortinique shower when you swich it on it stops and re...


combiboiler sime halstead not turning on?
Hi, Combiboiler SIME HALSTEAD TRIO. When switching on, the flame does...


how do i restart my ferrolli boiler?
ive got no hot water or heating and dont know how to restart my boiler...

karen moretto

my boiler is not producing hot water?
my warm flow swift flow condencing boiler is not producing hot water...


Please help. My glowworm cxi boiler is dead.?
I have replaced all pc boards. Main, timer and whatever the other one ...


how can i fix clock on ferroli f28?
My boiler stopped working and the clock flashed 14 once then wouldn't ...


central heating works, no hot tap water?
glow-worm 38 b.f central heating works fine but tap water is cold what...


iv got a vaillant boiler it as a fault code 28?
boiler keeps going off .. and fault code 28 come s on...


Stained toilet. How can I clean?
I've moved into a house which has two stained toilet bowls. What is t...


How do I drain down my 24I Worcester Boiler?
I need to drain down my Worcester 24i RSF boiler only the hot water si...


fitting flow switch?
how do you fit aflow switch to the boiler as it seems impossible to do...


Kitchen mixer tap leaking from side of spout?
My kitchen mixer tap has a tiny pin hole leak in the side of the spout...

Mr. Brown

boiler working ,radiators cold?
boiler seems to be working fine but radiators are cold.there is hot wa...

peter king

Ferolli fault code A15?
I have a ferolli f28 that keeps getting A15 and f37 fault codes? The f...


Water is still running into toilet after flush has finished?
Our flushing mechanism is not stopping the flow of water after a flush...


Sime Halstead Trio combi boiler doesn't work?
I have no heating nor hot water. It doesn't fire up. I've changed the ...

Kevin McIndo

f5 flashing on boiler?
f5 keeps flashing on my glowworm cxi boiler...


Ariston boiler circuit diagram?
I have a micro genus 27mffi and the central heating keeps the boiler o...

Tom sim

Fixing my boiler ps won't lite?
My combo boiler Worcester 24i won't lite is there any no how to lite t...


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Fix Plumbing

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