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Replace audio system in my 2007 chrysler?

how can i get the wiring diagram for my 2007 chrysler i'm putting an aftermarket kenwood system in and need the vehicles wiring diagram it's a 2007 chrysler 300c with the hemi

DB50QT-E derestrict?

Hi, can anyone advise how to derestrict a DB50QT-E scooter from directbikes? I was told that there might be some chip or cable bit nothing in particular. Any help eill be appreciated. Thanks


How can i connect to Bluetooth in ford fiesta zetec auto 2012?

Hi, I recently bought a ford fiesta zetec automatic 2012 model and it doesn’t have a phone option in the menu. I need to know how I can connect to the Bluetooth as in the manual as well it shows the ... more


Citroen relay radio code please?

Hi could anyone please help with radio code for Citroen relay MOPAR Car make pn 07356578250 S/N 02630 Supplier 96848 Many thanks

How can I get my hitachi ax-m68d working?

Hitachi ax-m68d won’t switch on, how do I fix? I have no remote. Is there some lock-out for travel purpose?

2015 vauxhall mokka no sound from radio?

2015 vauxhall mokka no sound from radio

How do I fix liquid damage?

I ended up getting some soda dropping in the air vent of my Renault Megane and now my radio, cd or Bluetooth music won’t come out the speakers. Any suggestions please?


Fix bose disc?

bose lifestyle music system model 20 The disc magazine will not eject and runs continuously.


CD 6006?

reproductor cd 6006 rds eon cd error 3 ford fiesta


Model renrdw131-10?

model renrdw131-10 code

How can i mend non working cd deck on music centre?

one of the cd decks on my steepletone capitol music stack system is not working cn I fix it

How do I fix the door of the cassette housing?

RE: CSD-FD92 The door on the cassette housing is sprung and will not close. How do I fix it? There may be other issues with the recording cassette.


Sony Boombox CD Player not working?

the lens on the cd player gets stuck, instead of sliding to correct position (Sony Boombox)

Bcm not working?

bcm navigation control unit on an 05 elgrand whare does it sit

Fixed tx 4.9?

Removing and replacing safety key while holding Mode and Stop did not fix error code 7. However holding Mode and stop while cycling the power switch reset the treadmill and is back to working condit ... more