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Categories > Sound & Vision > Televisions > Questions
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There are 322 questions in this category,

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Fix Televisions

How can I fix Hitachi L26DPO4U?
Hitachi TV\DVD player loses sound after about three minutes. It comes ...

Chris | July 2019

iplayer app won't start on Samsung TV?
iplayer has always worked on my Samsung smart TV. In the last few day...

I Smith | July 2019

alba lcd w16hdf?
MY Alba LCD W16HDF Takes 15 minutes to come on, the blue light on the ...


Help with my tv?
How to get the main menu up on a acoustic solution tv LCD2761HDF...


lcd w16h df alba lcd?
Please help when I power up my TV the blue standby light lights up the...


Wharfdale tv L32TA6A?
The tv standby blue light comes on but the tv does not...

Finika Turton

Rewire my tv as wire is disconnected?
Rewire my tv as wire is broken...


My wire has come out from back of the tv?
How do i connect a new wire to my mikomi tv...


hitachi L42VKO4U?
red light on /off flicking...

john parsons

how can i reset my sharp tv 29s-fx10a?
how can I reset my sharp TV 29s-fx10a without a remote? the menu canno...


Hitachi television turns on no pic or sound?
My Hitachi TV turns on and the red power light shows then turns blue b...


hitachi 32hxc01ub?
Sound but no picture on switching on. Any ideas?...


Hitachi lcd plasma we have a blue screen?
We switched the tv off- not standby, and when switched back on, we hav...


How can I get my Mikomi LDVD 1535 15in TV/DVD?
I have a Mikomi LDVD 1535 15inch TV/DVD Combi and I plugged an extensi...

Gary Cobden

lg tv on av2 video/dvd keeps losing signal strength.ariel ok?
lg tv ok but when on av2 playing dvd/video on panasonic player keeps l...


hitachi led tv wont power up?
tv seems dead any ideas chaps...


logic tv 37 inch?
the white colour looks green on all channels even when things are reco...

Dave Bowley

hitachi lcd tv l42vco4uj?
My TV won't come out of stand by it just has steady red light for 2-3 ...


No pictture on screen?
My tv is saying that the status is database empty. Unable to get a pic...

Phil peeers

my hitachi tv (L42VC04U)?
my hitachi tv (l42vc04u) series v00503432 power light flashes blue all...


mikomi lcd15796f tv?
When i plug in tv the blue light indicater comes on for a second then ...

Michelle D

Hitachi dvd combi?
When switched on it brings up wording "No channels have been added yet...


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