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How to reconnect Amazon Firestick remote?

My Firestick remote will not connect. I have changed the batteries. I have restarted the plugin.


How can I fix my login Tv 24inch?

Hi my login to has a blue light to say that it’s on but the to is black

Unlock tv without remote?

How to unlock logik 74 cm tv without remote


Stuck on dvd1?

i have rdr-gx360 stuck on dvd1


Why do i have to retune my lg tv every time i switch it on?

why do i have to retune my lg tv every time i switch it on?


Samsung dvd-vr350m?

hi i have a samsung dvd-vr350m plays discs but when you select copy, it starts but after apron 15 seconds the video stops - Any idea what the issue could be?

How to repair?

humax 1100s is dead


Prism dvd?

My prism Control wont work


Eumig S910 take up spool not spinning Please Help?

I have a Eumig S910 take up spool not spinning. Seems like a clutch is not placing anough pressure on the gear that dtrives the spool. I found this video on YouTube which is essntially the same projec ... more


How can I connect my panasonic Cs29fx20ss TV model?

How can I connect Bluetooth


Tecknica lsd tv?

my tv will not turn on


Toshiba tbp-s25?

how can i fix my toshiba s25 projector is not showing , the lens is looking fine

Sanyo VM-D1P eject problem?

Sanyo VM-D1P video8 camcorder problems. My Sanyo VM-D1P camcorder won't open the cassette door (no tape is inside). Unit powers on fine, however no buttons work, and when the eject button is pressed, ... more

Film projector not running forward?

gaf 27888 z projector will not run real in forward

Circuit board broken?

My tv get wet because of roof leaks and it was working then there was loadshedding when the electricity come back there was a bursting sound. What could have burst on the circuit board? Hisense led TV ... more


Dwm400 dvd player is not responding bits like all the keys a?

Disassemble my used dwm400 dvd player