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Categories > Computing > Desktop Computers > Questions
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There are 87 questions in this category,
Desktop Computers.

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Fix Desktop Computers

How can start my pc?
iam start my computer,on the sreen show disk boot failure,insert syst...


How can I remove unwanted WiFi connections?
My PC keeps trying to connect to WiFi connections which aren't mine. T...


how to stop constant spam?
Using Yahoo browser. Running XP HOME sp3. most spam goes into a spam...


microsoft media centre?
microsoft media centre program will not start on my windows7 64bit hom...


Mouse not on until Windows 7 logged in?
Hi... My Texet wireless mouse doesn't always work until I am logged i...


where can I get lightscribe drivers?
i need a lightscribe driver for my lightscribe dvd drive. where can i ...


Need a child-proof computer keyboard?
My kids keep breaking the keyboard on their PC. I am trying to find a ...


how do i increase my virtual low memory?
my pc keeps being non responsive and crashing. i recently installed xp...


Where can I get a cheap PSU for an HP ProLiant ML115?
I think the power supply has gone on my HP ProLiant ML115. I can't fin...


"f-drive inaccessible"?
I can't access my cd-drive to download data. I'm not that computer lit...


how to get a email program?
im tryin to set my satnav an it keeps tellin me 2 create a email assoc...


how can I fix on/off button?
the on/off button on my computer sticks it stays on for a few seconds ...

joyce kelly

how can i fix this google keeps logging of when i close inte?
when i turn off internet explorer google logs off when i go back on i ...


wont boot...

dave Wynne

pc on standby?
When my pc is on standby.I press space to re-start,and there is no res...

john preece

monitor does not power up?
monitor does not power up from switch on the computer....

wayne frost

computer will not shut down?
My self build desktop computer will not shut down. When i push shut d...


need help getting computure on?
my sony viao when turning it on its saying operating system not found ...


My desktop PC will not start?
I have just come home from abroad and upon starting up my desktop PC, ...


Ubuntu 10.04 applications won't maximize?
Application windows won't maximize in Ubuntu 10.04. On my screen I am...


how can i fix my computer ?
My Phillips 150S computer keeps on crashing and freezing. What could b...

David Jones

Uninstall Ubuntu 10.04 and preserve Windows XP?
I have both Windows XP Home and Ubuntu 10.04 installed on my laptop. I...

Tom Gilcoltm

clear partition two window programmes installed 7 vista?
both windows 7 and vista installed niether working need to start a fre...

j sudworth

everytime i watch on nero or windows media computer turns of?
please help everytime i watch something or burn dsc the computer turns...


2. System wont let user log on even when the user name and?
2. System wont let user log on even when the user name and password ar...


pc tower problem?
i have a inspiron 530s dell the computer was working then it went off ...


How to fix error 678?
When ever I want to run the messenger, my computer displays that there...


Is there a command line to start Windows Updates?
Is there a command which will trigger Windows XP to begin checking for...


Gygabite GA-8S661FXM-775 motherboards onboard vga fault?
after disasembling and reasembling my pc, the vga onboard output sudde...


dell dimennsion e310?
I have a computer that is very slow and also has many errors on it lik...

mike spurlin

My mouse pointer moving around unexpectedly?
in some program my mouse pointer moving around unexpectedly, specially...


making router secure?
a friend installed an MSI 108m wireless router model rg60se to my pc, ...


im trying to install xp on a old pc but keeps coming up ntlf?
im trying to install xp on a old pc but keeps coming up ntlfr missing ...


unable to restore?
I am using windows xp pro, I cant use restore facility, cant open vari...


How can I fix my Dell Dimension 2400?
My CD Rom drive failed. I replaced it with a CD Burner Drive that I...


replacing faulty keyboard?
I have a dell d600 latitude & i need to replace the keyboard how do ...


dell 5160 laptop?
my laptop dell 5160 has two flashing leds when the power is connected...


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Desktop Computers

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