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Categories > DIY > Lighting > Questions
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Fix Lighting

Can I swap normal MR16 bulbs for LED versions?
I have eight MR16 bulbs (40W) in my kitchen. I would like to swap thes...


How can I fix spotlights not working?
A light switch in the kitchen was accidentally damaged. Long story bu...


How to fix spotlights in bedroom?
Hi I've got spotlighting in my bedroom there are 4 spots(bulbs) and o...


20 Watt Digiflux Dimmable Energy Saving Bulbs humming noise?
I bought two 20 Watt Digiflux Dimmable Energy Saving Bulbs, but had to...


Garden PIR Floodlight is too sensitive?
I have a garden PIR Floodlight. It is designed to come on when there i...

L Jessop

energy saving bulb only last two months, why?
i changed the light bulb in the bedroom for an energy saving one a cou...

maya f

how to change a light bulb?
my fridge freezer light bulb has burned out. how can i fix it?...


Light switch cord has come out?
The light in the bathroom operates with a cord. When I turned the ligh...


Are there any low energy lightbulbs which work with dimmer switches?
Are there any low energy lightbulbs which can be used with dimmer swit...


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Fix Lighting

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