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Categories > Electricals > Steam Irons > Questions
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There are 184 questions in this category,
Steam Irons.

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Fix Steam Irons

how di i stop a constant noise from my iron?
my Tesco irsg2416 steam station is now making a constant noise when ...

E mckerron | July 2019

fault with russell hobbs power stream iron?
Power stream ultra has power to it bet no light appears and it doesn't...

Peter Lancaster

How do I change the pump?
I have a Murphy Richards Steam Iron that isn't making steam, I suspect...

robert davies

how can I fix it?
Russell hobbs autosteam pro the iron heats but the water don't heats u...


Tefal GV6720 Iron generator no steam?
My Tefal GV6720 when switched on has blue light flashing on base unit ...


iron mzking noise?
russel hobs steam&glide generator making beepinng noise and flashing...


How to change lead breville iron VlN243?
How can I remove back covetr...

peter skinner

Murphy Richards elite steam generator?
Steam constantly coming out of iron without pressing steam release but...


breville steam gen 11n193 trips leccy?
trips leccy when press trigger for steam...


sensixxb3bocsh iron?
my iron leaking water from the bottom...


My Russell Hobbs Steam Generator no longer steams.?
What can I do to fix this:- I recently changed the filter on my Russel...


Russell Hobbs steam generator iron 20580?
The base of the steam generator keeps vibrating and making a loud vibr...


My Russell Hobbs steam generator iron won't switch on.?
I can't get the light to stop flashing and it's only the third time I'...

Hilary Wilder

no steam from my hinari iron?
hinari steam generator iron cant get steam...

mary mc nulty

steam not coming out of iron?
my russell hob smartglide pro is not steaming when filled with water...

ismail mayet

morphy richards iron?
my water tank is full but the light is flashing and its beeping to tel...


how can I fix my steam iron?
The steam of my iron doesn't work but the iron heats well...

nana agyeman

Morphy Richards Power Steam Elite descale light stays on?
How do you make the descale light go off on the Morphy Richards Power ...


The water jet and extra steam button have stopped working?
The exrta steam and water spray white buttons on the top of the iron ...

Angela Edgington

Bosch Sensixx B45L - no steam?
Hi, my bosch sensixx has gone on the blink. it heats up, but doesn't s...


Russell Hobbs steam generator iron 12978?
Why is the handle on my steam generator iron getting so hot that I can...

carole baker

My morphy richards elite generator iron leaking water with s?
When i press the syeam button on my iron it leaks steam and water. Can...


Replace flex on russel hobbs 15081 steam iron?
how do I replace flex. cant get entry into iron....


Hinari steam generator iron stuck on standby?
Hinari steam generator stuck on standby no steam...


iron does not work fuse and cable ok?
My russell hobs steamglide does not light up fuse and cable ok...

ken united kingdom

How to take off standby on my tefal iron?
The standby mode has come on my tefal steam iron ultimate 300 and won'...

Steph jackson

How do i cancel the standby mode on my regal ultimate 300 ir?
The standby has come on my tefal ultimate 300 and won't go off help pl...

Steph jackson

steam holes not punched?
just bought a new Russell hobbs iron. Half the steam holes are not pun...


how can i repair my steam generator?
how do i repair my russell hobbs steam generator model steam glide...


how can i fix my steam iron?
my morphy richards steam iron is producing steam but not heating up pr...


not working - nothing happening, what is wrong?
Morphy Richards power elite steam generator. the light on the iron doe...


why hotplate of steam press does not heat up?
Steam press lights work but hot plate does not heat up to press clothe...

Julia Tecklenberg

Stea! Iron leaking?
My himnari steam iron leaks after only 7/8 uses How Do I fix...


Kenwood Steam Bowl Iron?
The steam is flying out of where i put the water into the bowl at an e...


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Steam Irons

Fix Steam Irons

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