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Categories > DIY > Power Tools > Questions
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There are 14 questions in this category,
Power Tools.

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Fix Power Tools

my honda hrb 425 will only start when i put leaver on stop?
how do i fix it do you no...

tony partridge

partner 760 petrol disc cutter?
cutter starts it revs for about 10 seconds and then goes back to tick ...


24 volt makita batteries?
is there somewhere i can send my 24v batteries to have them refurbed...

andy page

B&D grinder mains lead?
Does anyone know where I can get a new moulded power lead for a B&D SR...


the lance and trigger gun are leaking on my pressure cleaner?
I have a challenge1600w high pressure washer DW1800BH It is leaking fr...


how can i fix my ebauer model 5110 battery charger?
how can i fix my erbauer model 5110 battery charger...

jim steele

can i get a new switch?
I need to get a new trigger switch for my Performance slide compound m...


how can i fix my makita 24v batteries?
my makita 24v batteries do not hold their charge for long or not at al...


fuel tank?
I have a old 1972 briggs and stratton 5hp engine . where can i find a ...


black & decker kc9019?
I need a new set of batteries for my KC9019 screwdriver, any ideas whe...

c morgan

how can i fix erbauer 5110(gs) battery charger?
i have 2 drills,4 batteries and 2 chargers that dont work,can they be ...


karcher pressure washer leaking oil?
I have a karcher pressure washer that has started to leak oil how can ...


Source of Chain for Landsxcape GCS350N chain saw?
I require a replacement chain for a Landsxcape Chain Saw Model No GCS3...


Where can I get Black and Decker parts in the UK?
Is there a good supplier of Black and Decker parts in the UK?...


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Power Tools

Fix Power Tools

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