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Categories > Computing > USB Pen/Flash Drives > Questions
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There are 11 questions in this category,
USB Pen/Flash Drives.

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Fix USB Pen/Flash Drives

hp pen drive 4gb cant light up please help me?
somebody help me.actually i copy a film which is 1.4gb because of fill...

gotam sudheer

why cant i down load?
when i try to down load adobe flash or even internet explo...


reverse polarity damage?
is a repair possible...


USB no longer flashes when inserted into USB port?
Something happened whilst I was using my drive, which caused the compu...

R Bromilow

duplicator failing to burn?
i have a acard dvd cd duplicator 1 to 3 it is only burning 1 of the 3 ...


how can i forced my mp5 to start?
my mp5 is micromax, it doesn't start...


Unable to open USB Pen drive?
My computer does not show the presence of my pen drive when I insert t...


pen drive is not formatted?
hallo i am vinod patel i have 32gb kingston pendrive i use this pendri...


Transcend JF220 very slow?
I have a Transcend JF220 USB key. It has a fingerprint reader on it to...

Ti W

Is USB 2 faster than Firewire?
I have an external hard drive. It seems to take ages to copy files to ...


My USB Flash Drive isn't recognised?
When I plug in my USB Flash Drive it isn't recognised by my PC. This ...


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Computing, USB Pen/Flash Drives

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USB Pen/Flash Drives

Fix USB Pen/Flash Drives

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