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Categories > Sound & Vision > Radios > Questions
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There are 44 questions in this category,

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Fix Radios

aiwa cx-zm2600 1 channel distorted?
With this Aiwa 1 channel plays well,but other is distorted.Possible ca...


my panasonic SCHC20DB has frozen?
I have lost my DAB radio channels. The display is showing DAB in large...

John Billingham

Panasonic Tf-d1 will not change/tune into channels?
Tf-d1 will not change/tune into channels...


unlocking kia auk 8617 car audio?
kia auk 8617 car audio not working as it locked. please let me know un...


Is there any way to improve the DAB reception in my house?
Is there any way to improve the DAB reception in my house without inst...


require car radio code. Clarion pu-2294a, C70000001236?
Hi please help me find code for my car radio . Model Clarion pu-2294...


hi can any one help need to unlock cde for a ford 3000 seria?
hi can any one else help need unlock code 4 ford 3000 traffic serial n...


proline dab radio?
display does not come on...

pete woodley

ipod classic photos?
how do i put photos on my ipod...

karl keeley

I need a code for my ford radio sn: M022527?
Radio code needed for my 2005 ford focus 2L trend...


my proline DAB radio 401 has lost its led display how can I?
My Proline DAB radio has lost its LED display can I fix this? the bac...

Jill Hunnisett

Panasonic DAB radio RF D1?
What has failed and can it be repaired - the display comes up with F76...


ford galaxy 2.3 auto ghia?
my ford galaxy's radio is locked with ten showing on display is there ...


why does my radio not work?
the radio just makes a loud crackle and wont work...

d swan

i have been given me a panasonic dab-fm radio model no:rf-d1 w...

david greedus

The sleep and backlight buttons have ceased to operate?
CD/DAB/FM digital Radio & alarm clock, the buttons controlling sleep p...

Ken Blackmore

Ford Radio Serial Code (m040619) need code !?
need help to get code for Ford Radio Serial Code (m040619) thanks...

gafyn weisberg

fault code F76 PDET on Panasonic RF-D1?
cant get radio to work only showing F76 PDET in display section...


hoe to reset to factory settings, frg 1210/a?
i have a ferguson 121 dab radio and with no volume and want to reset b...

fil gandon

how can I fix my sony cmt-spz90db micro system?
my micro system dab radio was working fine then it just stopped. Now w...

Kelly Ellis

how do i fix it?
my panasonic cd sterio shows f61 shows light no sound...


radio coding?
how to put radio code in renailt cleo...

w hill

how can i find code to car radio?
i need to find code for car radio for a vauxall zafira 2003 1600cc...


reset car radio after entering wrong code to many times?
I have a traffic 4000 car radio. After low battery radio asked for cod...


Where to find an aerial, or antenna for Ferguson DAB radio.?
I have a broken Aerial, or antenna for Ferguson DAB radio (power enhan...

Martin Pover

noice in my car radio?
i have noice in my car radio? the sound not clear i.e. it's noicy....


How can I fix my VW Golf Gamma Car radio?
Car Radio cuts out after about 30 minutes use. After about 10 minutes ...

P Bradbury

Renault Scenic 1.6 radio code?
Hi, can anyone tell me the code for my radio an 04 renault scenic 1.6 ...


How can I get a radio code for my car?
Please help. How can i get the radio code for the model, FORD AUDIO ...

Davie Sazuze

code i need a code for my ford fiesta courier van?
i need the code for my ford fiesta courier van its 3000 traffic and m2...


i need the 4 digit keycode?
i need the code for my ford 5000 rds serial number moo5256...


code for ford radio?
hi need a code for ford radio serial no:m094956 can anyone help thanks...


Car radio code?
How can I get the radio code for Clarion radio PU2294B (D) Serial No. ...

John Cotterell

new ariel for alba radio model TRDAB2830?
i need a new ariel for my alba dab radio TRDAB2830...

david lloyd

how can I unlock my radio, it is not the key code?
I was having trouble with my radio on a ford fiesta, no key code, have...

johnnie 1243

My Philips CAC310 Cassette/RDS Tuner keeps losing stations?
the above equipment is a car cassette tuner by Philips...


how can i fix my car radio cdr500, for an astra?
I have the code for my car radio and it still work please help me,my ...


how do i reset car radio?
i have a citreon xantia, the radio code was put in wrong 3 times, now ...


No Audibal volume from set.?
We have 3 FRG-CR100D Radios DAB, radios were working OK now all 3 rad...

Adrian Thomas

ferguson FRG-CR100D dab radio alarm stuck?
alarm stuck at 1700 hours it will not move from this time...

robin mcnair

Kaycode ford 2006 rds?
I need the kaycode for Ford 2006 RDS; serial number M005499...


Is there an easy way to improve my DAB reception?
I don't get a good DAB reception (DOES ANYONE?) Is there a simple w...

Simon G

Can I fix my Ferguson DAB radio, the LED display screen has cracked?
Can I fix my Ferguson DAB radio FRG-120D, the LED display screen has c...

Vincenzo B

No signal on my Digital Radio?
I have a Panasonic RF D1 DAB digital radio. When I turn it on, a messa...


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