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Categories > Appliances > Electric Showers > Questions
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There are 68 questions in this category,
Electric Showers.

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Fix Electric Showers

how do i isolate water dripping from shower?
how do i isolate water from inside shower casing...


keeps witching to pressure light?
My fairly new Triton Martinique when I press the power switch, keeps l...

David Williams

softline sl90 shower?
softline sl90 electric shower sometimes works sometimes doesnt...


heating only for a few minutes?
runs hot for few minutes then goes cold...


boiler danger.ideal isar he 35?
my ideal isar he 35 is working perfect.but the scary is.when i open hw...


fault on new shower?
I have replaced an existing shower with the exact same one (creda 550c...

John C

how can i fix my electric shower?
my power light on my mx 10.5kw electric shower is not coming on and no...


Redring Selectronic will only go to setting 1?
Redring Selectronic will only go to setting 1, can manually put to 5 b...


mira sprint 9.5 kw shower low flow keeps ligthing up?
my mira shower low flow indicator lights up and then the hot water sto...

Arthur stuart

How can I fix my mx inspiration shower?
Mx inspiration shower auto reset light stays on no hot waterT...


triton shower caselona 2?
while the shower is on the circuit breaker gets hot and after a short...


Redring Selectronic?
Initally water not heating up. Now Nothing happening; no water or evid...

Brian White

How can i fix my stablizer that supply high voltage?
The stabbliszer supply 300v instead of 220v...


Triton opal 2 shower c3 part?
how to exchange a c3 part on a Triton opal 2 shower...

Bobby Smith

Triton opal 2 shower?
My Triton opal 2 shower has suddenly started showing low pressure...

bobby smith

My redring shower has Luke warm water not warm power lighnot?
My redring shower not working water cuming threw but only luke warm an...


How can i fix my Mira Sprint shower?
I have a 6 month old Mira Sprint, when i switch on the low pressure li...

Peter Gleave, Cheshire, UK.

My Trition shower works when i turn it on 1st but then goes?
when i turn on my triton shower it works but then after 2 / 3mins it c...


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Electric Showers

Fix Electric Showers

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