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Can i paper over a woodchip ceiling with anaglypta?

can i paper over a woodchip ceiling with anaglypta


Hinge creaks on compositie exterior door?

How to remove the hinge pin on a composite door hinge


How can i mend my bench grind?

where can i get a manuel (parts & instruction) for a dp tools 6bg md150sip40 bench grinder please

Can you open a double glazed upvc window?

Hi. I’m wondering whether you can remove fake plastic leaded light from the middle of a double glazed window? It’s not on the outside. Thanks


Tizio Classic Desk Lamp?

I own a Tizio Classic desk lamp and need to replace the large pivot located on the lower portion of the arm which had been removed when the thermoplastic cover broke related to age and was removed w ... more

How do i replace brush tension spring on my ELU battery dril?

How do I replace brush tension spring on my ELU SBA 51K drilling machine with out taking rear endplate off, if that can be done.



Just about to say goodbye to my Thorn Harcal 430 and taking it apart to make it lighter to move. What a boiler! Hardly any sign of rust and built to last 100 years. Sadly, there are no spares for it a ... more


Belle mixer issue?

My belle mixer stops after a few turns replaced capacitor /Dan /belt. Am going to change oil as it was black and like tar Any other suggestions


How can I open my UPVC jammed door?

How can I open my UPVC door as it is stuck? Its not unusual for it to stick in the sunshine as the sun plays on it all day, so the plastic expands, but it now feels as though one of the locking points ... more

Safety light flashing?

henderson sprint s550n garage door opener safety light flashing what is wrong?


Power craftmodel no lk723?

where can i get a power craft cordless staple and nail gun 18 volt 1.3 battery model no LK 723


How can I mend my Triton T80 shower?

how to remove distribution valve on Triton T80 shower?


How can I mend the broken cord on my velux skylight?

The cord that opens/closes my velux skylight window has broken and I can't open/close it. The window is outside the 10 year warranty. Many thanks in advance for any help on this. Petrina


Kaoyi KFD 515s dimmer switch?

I need a Kaoyi KFD 515s dimmer switch? Where can I find this?


Chime Unit continuously bleeping?

I have a Uni-Com 66071 door bell. After recent power failure the plug in chime just continuously bleeps. Any Ideas?

How do I open a stuck Velux blind?

My Velux blind is completely stuck at the bottom --how do I open it ?

Woodchip paper sanding?

How do I sand over old wood chip paper


Spare battery?

Can I get a battery for performance power cordless hammer drill PHD18-2B


Toilet cistern reassembly?

Laufen Gallery toilet cistern

Macdee cistern inlet valve?

Can I get washers for my Mac Dee inlet valve