Question - Minidisc Players

I have sony mz-r500 mdlp?

On playback its intermitant, by pressing stop and then play it will play for a few seconds then stops again' then you have to go through the prosess again.Can anyone help please.

T whitehouse

June 2009


It could just be a case of cleaning the lens with a lense cleaning disc, although judging by your description, I doubt it.
Your best bet is to send it to Jim Hoggarth (see link below) and he'll fix it for 10 quid.
Very reasonable I'm sure you'll agree. I don't work for him and am not linked to him in any way but it is such a good and cheap service that I felt I should let you know about it. It just makes sense rather than risking doing more damage by trying to fix it yourself.
I hope this helps.

Jimma July 2010

I can help ...

I have sony mz-r500 mdlp?