looking for my anwers?

jon anderson, July 2010

Presumably you seek an answer to your recent question...

what web sight can i get free wiring diagam for 250 yamaha? i have no power to the key swich or trim tilt but i do have power at the motor.

In the powerboats category....

An answer is shown by the Radio Button being filled-in blue. No fill equals no answer.

Firstly an answer depends on a clearly formed question and secondly and more importantly somebody who can answer it sensibly actually reading it, understanding it and being motivated to respond.

I would guess that overall perhaps 75% of questions remain unanswered. I would also guess that the chances of your question being answered to be very low. You pre-suppose that there actually is a Web Site that contains the information you seek - personally I doubt it - but nevertheless the details of your specific engine model and the problem you are trying to solve are a bit sketchy - so a helpful answer may be a thing of your dreams I'm afraid.

Good luck anyway - perhaps someone will come along and tell you what you need to know.

Peccavi, July 2010