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Kia sedona turns over but will not start?

I have checked and changed all filters put more diesel in the vehicle
car turns over but will not fire up
started before christmas and car would start on occasions but no will not start at all

ken c

March 2010


HI i have same problem, but not sure if it is immobiliser sensor which detects the coded key (around the ign key slot) or the small micro switch which fits close to it but is part of the ignition switch loom. I think this micro switch detect when the ignition key in in the start or crank position i am not sure I cannot find a wiring diagram for the 2.9 crdi diesel engine sedona.

Keith November 2017


This sounds like an immobiliser problem and I have suffered the same problems that you describe. Look at the dashboard when you switch on the ignition. If you see 'IMO' displayed this means you can start the engine OK. If not you won't be able to start the engine although it may turn over. You will merely drain the battery. I understand the immobiser is somewhere in the ignition barrel. I find that by switching the ignition on and off - you may have to do this several times I get IMO displayed and the engine will start immediately.
Hope this assists.

Dave Martin July 2010

I can help ...

Kia sedona turns over but will not start?