How to fix light flashing on indesit washing machine?

indesit iwdc6125 lights keep flashing and not working

MARCY, July 2023

If all the lights are flashing , the board has failed and will need to be replaced. Call Indesit service.

Radz, September 2023
Your machine is trying to tell you something.
Which light(s) is/are flashing?

Many of Indesits newer washing machines have a series of indicator lights, which flash to indicate a possible fault. The most common are:

Pre wash light flashing

Indicates that the Indesit washing machine is failing to fill correctly. Check your fill hoses to make sure they are turned on correctly. It is also worth checking for any blockages, leaks or kinks in the fill hose pipe.

Wash light flashing

Indicates that your programme dial has been moved from its original position. Simply returning the wash dial to its original position will restore the light to its original status.

Spin light flashing

Indicates that the Indesit washing machine has considered the wash load to be excessive or unbalanced. We would recommend removing the clothes, redistributing the load evenly and retry the spin cycle to resolve this.

End light flashing

Indicates that the Indesit washing machine has reached the end of a wash programme.

If the wash, rinse and spin function lights all flash at the same time, this would indicate a possible blockage in your filter or waste / drain pipe.

We recommend checking your user manual as all models vary – you can also download your user manual from the Indesit website.

If you need further assistance please call Indesit customer service on 0370 218 6615

Flgkb, July 2023
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