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Categories > Garden > Garden Tools > Questions
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There are 33 questions in this category,
Garden Tools.

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Fix Garden Tools

How can I fix my LandxcapeSGT34x strimmer?
I need a primer bulb for my Landxcape SGT34x s trimmer, do you know an...


how to fix pulley on my power devil mower?
Pulley spring had broken got a new one put back in still will not pul...


strimmer tuning key?
hi i have a sovereign sct 30 and the crab needs tuned so were do i get...

gerard devine

mountfield not pulling?
i have a mountfied petrol mower it starts ok.but its not really pullin...


how can i fix my electric lawn mower?
my electric lawn mower has started making a whining noise and hasnt go...


petrol strimmer?
my petrol strimmer cuts out as soon as it starts. it has enough fuel m...


lawnflite brushcutter pro4390?
engine runs fast how do I slow it down...


Garden lawn rake - GVM-600?
Any idea please where I could get a drive belt for the above? It is a...

Ed Gilbert

how do i fit a throttle lever to trim mac 240?
How do i fit the tension spring to a throttle lever on a trim mac 240...

philip williams

ryobi ht 26 hedge trimmer?
The pull start won't engage the motor...


How can I fix my Ryobi Chainsaw?
Hi, My Hubby has been given a Ryobi chainsaw (model 4046C) by someone...


Shed door dropped on one side?
My shed door has dropped on one side, i would like to know what has to...

lynda sarrington

reassembling of control lever on qualcast mower,?
I need to know where the 'L' shaped piece of metal goes in the control...


leaf suction?
clearing garden of fallen leaves...

david hixon

How can I replace a fuel line on my spear and Jackson petrol?
How do I replace a fuel line on my spear and Jackson petrol strimmer. ...

Nic Cunningham

How can I fix my lawnmower?
my mounfield petrol lawn mower won`t start. The cord starter seems stu...

david jones

spear and jackson33cc pertol bush cutter?
im looking for manual for building it as its new and in box...


How can I get a manual for my Sovereign SBC28?
Hi all Anyone know where I can obtain an operating manual for a Sov...


locating drive belt for my mower?
soveriegn electric lawnmower slm1500...


Petrol strimmer gives me electric shocks?
Please can anyone help my petrol strimmer will give me an electric sho...

Barry Durn

how do i fix my homelite strimmer?
my homelite petrol strimmer wont turn over its like the string is stuc...


How can I fix my soveriegn petrol lawn mower?
I have a soveriegn petrol lawn mower & the briggs & stratton engine i...

Paddy Page

fuel line connections?
what are the fuel line connections on a craftsman chainsaw model 358.3...


TYphoon Grass Trimmer?
I have purchased a grass trimmer; Typhoon GT-PS2501 unfortunately it h...


broken garden shears?
My mother has a pair of garden shears which have not been mended prope...

Mrs R English

how can i fix my jcb chainsaw?
my jcb chainsaw wont oil the chain when in use...


where can i get brushes for sovereign hedgetrimmers?
i have a perfectly fairly new soverign hedge trimmer in need of a new ...

iain reid

how can i fix my spear & jackson petrol grass trimmer?
i have a spear & jackson 33cc brushcutter/trimmer,when i press the pri...

elaine wright

Guard needs replacing on McCulloch Trim-Mac 240?
The gaurd has come off my McCulloch Trim-Mac 240 and the damaged rivet...


removal of back wheel of tractor lawnflite?
removal of back wheel of lawnflite tractor because of punchure...

roy grimsley

Chainsaw starts butcuts off when go to cut wood?
My husband has a Chainsaw that starts right up but when he goes to giv...


Homelite weed wacker wont turn on?
I've replaced armature / fuel lines / filter / spark plug and my carb ...


How can I replace a drive belt on my lawn rake?
My Gardenline GVM-600 lawnrake has broken a drive belt and I cant find...

Jim Young

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Garden Tools

Fix Garden Tools

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