Hair Clipper?

I have a wonderful old BaByliss PRO Type T100b hair clipper which continues to operate perfectly. However some of the smaller black plastic clipper head attachments have broken and will no longer stay ... more

Noisy and vibrating?

BaByliss Type T100a Ref: 7475U hair clippers. Suddenly made a loud buzzing while cutting and doesn't cut the hair very well, tugs a bit. Removed the two screws and removed the cutting head, cleaned, ... more


How do you unscrew the beard trimmer on aBabyliss?

How does the beard trimmer unscrew

babyliss 7436cu ?

the two pins that hold the inside blade has come loose and I cant get the two blades level

Popup trimmer reassembly for Braun 7 series?

Guess I'm not the only one with trimmer troubles as mine is apart and not broken. It was just full of whiskers and would not close properly. When it came apart it was all in pieces and needed to be re ... more

which way round does the spring go on a babybliss shaver?

which way does the spring thing go on a babybliss shaver

how can i fix my babybliss shaver?

how can i fix my babybliss shaver

how do I repair my conair hc244 clippers to cut hair just right ?

Need clippers to be adjusted and idled

How do I get my t85a apart?

I need to get the screws out to try to repair it they are not normal screws


How do I find the polarity of my Braun Silk Epil adapter that is broken?

My Braun adapter 5497 with specs: Input: 100-240V /ac 50-60Hz/ 7W Output: 12V /dc 400mA is broken I want to make a new one using the jack but I don't know the polarity. Can anybody help me? ... more

How to replace battery to a Braun silk epil lady shaver?

Braun silk epil 7 lady shaver won't charge. Any suggestions?


removing the battery from a braun 5550 shaver ?

Is the removal from the socket its self wear you plug cord into or the grey panels next to the socket on either side thanks Jim

Removing panels on braun 5550 shaver for batery replacemebt?

How do I remove the panels from my braun 5550 shaver to replace battery by the charging socket? Apreciate the help

whcih particular battery is required to change for my philishave 5885?

i need to change the rechrgeable battery for my shaver -philishave 5885. Which specific battery i would need and where can i buy it?


I cannot find any tabs or screws in order to open my Braun 5550 razor. The ?

Razor is dead. No one can open it.