Frigidare fmos184lbf?

By not clear instructions we peeled off the inner plastic film on the inside door of my new microwave. Can this be used like that or replaced?


How can I mend my RHEM21L?

Russell Hobbs microwave RHEM21L display shows 000 but doesn't power on and dial pad doesn't work. Door closes well. What could be the problem?


Timer fault?

Bossch hmt 9656/03 Microwave all works well but timer/clock does not work or control time setting. from start goes to 1 minute correctly & counts down ok. control knob will not accurately adjust to e ... more


Neff H5642NOGB/02 microwave?

Neff H5642NOGB/02 microwave - built in. Need to get the surround off, but installation instructions are not at all clear about how that can be done. Don't want to force / break anything. Any ideas ple ... more


Ge profile pvm9179sk3ss?

How do you open a steam sensor on a GE microwave?

Kenwood Microwave - turn on, Plate spins, does not respond?

Hi, we have a kenwood microwave K30css10 which does exactly what one of your other messages states. It turns on, the dish spins constantly with the light on and ignores any input? Can it be fixed ... more

Clock display issue?

Should the clock be displayed all the time on a delonghi combi oven. It keeps disappearing.

Panasonic inverter?

H98 code on Panasonic inverter microwave


Amana aco1520a?

Amana ACO1520A Display etc. works, but not heating and turntable doesn't work. What do I do?


Replace a Kenwood Microwave Bulb?

bulb replacement in kenwood microwave? I am trying to locate where the bulb is in this microwave as the bulb has blown, the model number is K25MB12 and need to replace it


Em7 on/off switch?

How do I access and change the on/off switch on my em7?



Can i repair timer dial on MCW001 microwave


Microwave Russell Hobbs - HOB CT/AL30?

Hello there, I have a microwave Russell Hobbs - HOB CT/AL30, the motor stopped turning in the microwave however I have removed it tested it, and it's working normally. What internal part could it be t ... more


Oster ogxe0904?

the latch on my oster microwave won't latch model OGXE0904


Hi, my microwave timer knob isn’t working. The power, button is still ok though. Hinari lifestyle 800w

Start button on microwave not working?

Koenic Microwave: Works fully In Microwave mode but will not start in Convection mode. I can set the desired temperature (and confirm with the start button) before setting the desired cooking time but ... more

Watts in my microwave?

How many watts in GE microwave model JVM 6175SK5SS


Alarm not loud enuf on whirlpool electric range?

how can i get my whilpool electric range buzzer/alarm to get back to loud as it went quiet a few days ago - the manual says push down on the broil button for 5 secs but that does not work and when i p ... more

Help! Panasonic NN-CF853W faulty door?

the door safety lock is faulty on my panasonic NN-CF853w combi microwave. Where can I get a spare/repair?

Kenwood Microwave?

Hi, my kenwood microwave k30gms18 won't heat up. Eveything else works, but no heat. I asume the element requires replacing? Ian