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Categories > Heating & Cooling > Air Conditioning > Questions
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There are 31 questions in this category,
Air Conditioning.

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Fix Air Conditioning

Where is the fume pressure switch locate on ferroli he 26c?
Where is the fume pressure switch on ferroli he 26c? Does it have one ...


cold air blowing?
car wont get warm just blowing cold air...


hoover dynamic 8+ E03 on display panel?
E03 keeps showing on display panel will not spin or drain...

mick d

how can i fix my glow worm space saver 38?
The water heats up but the radiators don't fill up with hot water even...

Debby Beckett

vaillant boiler showing fualt code f75?
why my boiler is showing code f 75...


how can i fix my 2004 Nissan x-tral air conditioner?
Nissan x-trail 2004 4x4 model T30 air con fan started macking a rattel...


my heating has stopped working?
the heating in my car has simply stopped working, is it likely to be t...

Skater mum

peugeot 407 2007 heater unit?
My heater unit is duel control and blows cold air to drivers side no m...


mondeo 2005 tdci?
my blow heater in my 2005 mondeo tdci does not work...


my nissan xtrail heating system will not turn off?
hi can someone please help?my heating /cooling system will not switch ...


F9 fault on ideal isar boiler?
The bolier was flashing F9, if i turn the screws to re fill the boiler...


Flexicom 15hx: Central Heating won't turn off?
About two years ago we had this boiler fitted. It connects to a room ...


no heating in my nissan primera?
how do i repair the problem or is their a theormstat somewhere in the ...

johnny chana

blower wont swich off on my vauxhall astra H MARK 5 1.7 cdti?
Hi there can anybody help,the blower on my astra H mark 5 1.7 cdti clu...


air con?
how to check air con...


how can i fix my heater on my vauxhall astra 55 plate?
my heater in my vauxhall astra is blowing cold air...


ford galaxy 1.9 td 1999?
my front heater blower dosent work there is power to the control switc...


what is wrong?
hi i have a vauxhall vectra 1800 club 55 plate when i put my heater on...


gas boiler not working?
my gas boiler was working we adjusted the thermostat and the boiler st...

zoe smith

how can I fix a baxi burmuda fire?
fire will not light properly...


turned control switch while air con was still running?
should have turned to off first machine shook violently and ceased to ...

a r sellars

how can I fix my vaxhall zafira heater?
my zafire heater works when ever i hit a put hole or stops complitly s...

osman london uk

electric cooling fan?
The electric cooling fan is on constantly, Astra Diesel 1998. Thanks...


how can i fix my heater in my van?
my heater in my van blow heat on driver side but not passenger side or...


how can I fix my Amcor DC800 dehumidifyer?
When I plug it in the unit starts up but it does not collect any water...

R Smalley

blowing cold air?
dual control blowing cold air drivers side ok on passengers on renault...


Appears to have lost contact with unit near boiler. Red light always ...

Sally Mac

how do i adjust clutch?
hi does anyone know how to adjust a clutch on my car aircon?ford monde...


Can you email me a circuit diagram for a British Gas 532 Boiler?
Hot water is Ok but central heating does not come on, can you help ple...

Bryan Barnfield

baxi 80he plus condensing boiler?
hi can i put a wireless room thermost to this boiler i know it needs t...

ian day

flashing red light on ideal boxer c24?
what does a flashing red light on ideal boxer c24 mean and how do i f...


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Air Conditioning

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