Planer ftmc650pln?

where can i get a drive belt for planer ftmc 650pln


Heatstore aqua profile?

hi my heatstore aqua profile shower has the overheat light on constantly,wont go off even after running for 10mins. Cold shower so not any use. Any ideas how to mend? Thanks in advance


Hotpoint aquarius shower?

My shower is running too hot. Changing between hot/cold/economic makes no difference.

How can I mend it?

I have a redring expression shower model 53-673001 , water flows out ok but no hot water , how can this be repaired


How can i mend my aqualisa digitalpumped shower unit?

how can i mend my aqualisa digital pumped shower unit low pressure a2 086031 434100 01



why does my mira shower makes squealing noise when it is switched off


Fix Grohe Adagio concealed cistern?

Grohe Adagio concealed cistern stopped flushing. Have replaced all the obvious parts and they seem to be working but when the air button is pressed the plastic block that sits above the flush assembly ... more

How do I get the control knob off?

I have a Mira 722 mixer shower which is over 20 years old. I am trying to strip it down to service it, but cannot remove the flow control knob which seems to be stuck fast. Can anyone suggest the best ... more


How to fix redring selectronic?

My redri g selectronic shower is constantly reading ot (over temp) I have purged the system and I still keep popping up saying ot even tho the shower had been off for about 2 days


Triton verticle bar mixer shower stiff?

Triton verticle bar mixer shower control stiff



reduce flow rate on aqualisa quartz classic shower

Mira 415 leaking?

Hi. I have a Mira 415 - the older one and it’s constantly leaking from the head. Do I need to replace the complete unit, or are parts available? Apparently it’s a pressure balancing shower contro ... more


3 door rope/pulley shower door repair?

I have a 3 door rope/pulley shower door where the cord has broken. I can not find info on iternet showing how to replace the rope - can anyone help?



Why do I get a 'split water' spray from my new mixer tap please?


Pull Cord Broken on Bathroom Wall Heater?

We have a bathroom wall heater - Winterwarm WWDF20 which is an old model and can't find any instruction on how to remove the cover so we can replace the broken pull cord. I can provide an image if th ... more


Defy top loader dtl 145?

Defy top loader dtl 145 when starts to fill its cuts of water and flashes ER


power shower doesn't work on high speed

Aquastream dial doesn't work?

I have al aquastrem shower but the dial doesn't work for days why is this there is not number on it

Aqualisa quartz electric a 5?

aqualisa shower starts and then burst of water wich is red hot and then it stops for awhile and then does the same again

Creda T312VW how to clean filter as can’t see tv?

creda t312vw how to clean filter and where is t please